Stealth Tech Ninja Turtles Sighted

Stealth Tech Ninja Turtles 02

The new assortment of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stealth Tech figures has been sighted(at Toys R Us)! These figures feature all new tooling, with the sculpts sporting an angular body styling that’s more accurate to the show. Unlike the previous wave of ooze-launching Turtles, the Stealth Tech Turtle figures are fully articulated. The gimmick this time around is not built into the figures, but rather into the accessories(featuring zip-lines).

In addition of shots of the figures in and out of packaging, raiden225005 has posted scans of the pack-in catalog. Revealed are new role-play items in addition to upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Throw And Battle Figures. Read on to check out the new images!

EDIT: new scan showing new vehicles added!

  • Hover Drone
  • Ninja AT3 with exclusive All Terrain Leonardo
  • Ninja Control Shellraiser


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  1. raiden225005 has no avatar! raiden225005 says

    I wasn't sure if this is news or not but I didn't see it posted yet. I found the new stealth tech turtles at my local toysrus. I didn't see the other new figures like rat king so I'm not sure if these are in the same wave or not.

    I also saw this new stuff in the included ad so I'm assuming this stuff is gonna hit shelves soon.

  2. archerxue has no avatar! archerxue says

    i see this toy line going south just like the original cartoon because of the figures are getting stupid

  3. Poison Shadow's Avatar Poison Shadow says

    What's up with the video game codes advertised on the packaging? Are those DLC for that downloadable game Out of the Shadows coming out in August or something else?

  4. astrakhan has no avatar! astrakhan says

    "Throw-n-Battle, because you're going to throw your Turtles at your little brother anyway!"

  5. ShabbyBlue has no avatar! ShabbyBlue says

    Originally Posted by archerxue View Post
    i see this toy line going south just like the original cartoon because of the figures are getting stupid
    Yup. How soon until we get the 4 turtles dressed up in Star Trek uniforms again?

  6. raiden225005 has no avatar! raiden225005 says

    I some how missed this on the ad. I guess I thought it was the old motorcycle and glossed over it.

  7. alongwargame has no avatar! alongwargame says

    more stuff to collect Must be honest i like the Wave 1 turtle figures these stealth turtles lack to much detailing on their skins/ shells and faces. I like that they are more square as in the cartoon but i think they have overdone it a bit and now they look abit to simple/cheap compared to the Wave 1 figures, which made me starting to collect these figures.

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