Updated Look At MGS5 Punished Snake Figure

Last month, we posted a photo, courtesy of MGS creator Hideo Kojima, showing an in-progress Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain – Punished Snake (aka Big Boss). Square Enix has released a new in-progress pic of Punished Snake showing a more refined look and that it will indeed be part of the Play Arts Kai line.

Read on to see the image.

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  1. scarecrow's Avatar scarecrow says

    As silly as the name is, I've been waiting since seeing the E3 trailer for an announcement of this figure. It'll probably be pretty similar to the original PAK Snake, but oh well.

  2. Colder Soldier has no avatar! Colder Soldier says

    Looks cool.

    I'm still gonna need an OG Solid Snake though.

  3. abnuggler has no avatar! abnuggler says

    Even tho its an unpainted prototype it looks a lot like the Sneaking Suit Snake figure from Peace Walker with a new Head Sculpt, Id like an Old Solid Snake (MGS4) Figure

  4. moviefiguresltd's Avatar moviefiguresltd says

    That is gorgeously detailed. Pic below if you're too lazy to go to the link

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