Gaming Heads Reveals Jak and Daxter Statues

Jak and Daxter Statue Standard Edition 009

Gaming Heads has unveiled two new Jak and Daxter Statues. They will have a standard and an exclusive edition of the statue. The exclusive edition features a faux bronze paint application for a more classical statue look. The Jak and Daxter Statues are the first in their line of Play Station All Stars range of Collectible Statues.

Read on to check out the images, as well as info on the statues.

Jack and Daxter Standard Edition
Price: $189.99
Dimensions: 15 Inches tall
Artist: Khurram Alavi
Available: Q4 2013
Limited to: 750 pieces worldwide

Jak is a quiet yet mysterious boy from Haven City, and Daxter is his trusted friend who was turned in ottsel after falling into a pool of Dark Eco on Misty Island.

Gaming Heads is excited to introduce Jak and Daxter, of the classic PlayStation series fame, and the first in our new range of collectible PlayStation All Stars statues.

Recreated in their signature pose from their first adventure, Jak is stood atop the grassy fields of Sandover Village while Daxter is perched upon his shoulder. Together they stand tall at an impressive 15 inches in a 1/6 scale to perfectly encompass their fame as one of video game’s most popular duos.

This statue is crafted to include even the finest of details- first cast in a high quality poly-stone before being finished and painted by hand. The base is made from a realistic artificial grass with individual blades for unmatchable detail.

Limited to 750 pieces worldwide.

Each statue includes full-colour deluxe packaging, an individually hand numbered base and a certificate of authenticity so that you’re able to collect same model number in future released in the PlayStation All Stars collection.

This is the first line in our Play Station All Stars range of Collectible Statues so low product numbers will be given on a first come first served basis. Remember, you can collect the same number throughout the series.


Jak and Daxter Exclusive Edition
Price: $199.99
Dimensions: 15 inches
Artist: Khurram Alavi
Available: Q4 2013
Limited to: 350 pieces worldwide

Available only at is the exclusive version of Jak and Daxter. This edition sees Jak and Daxter immortalised with a truly stunning bronze-effect finish.

Limited to 350 pieces worldwide.

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