Predator Web Exclusive Limited Edition Trophy Skulls Pack

Predator Skull Trophy Pack 003

NECA has posted info on their upcoming Predator – Web Exclusive Limited Edition Trophy Skulls Pack. The pack collects 10 skull trophies that were previously only available by purchasing the assorted Predator figures. This pack is limited to 5,000 pieces. It will be available via Ebay and Amazon only. There will be no retail release and it is NOT being offered wholesale to dealers. It will also come in a plain box as no retail style packaging was produced for this.

These will be available in July. We’ll update with sales links once they go live. Read on to check out some images.

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  1. jwmagick has no avatar! jwmagick says

    I think it's too little too late. Fans balked at how much the trophy room was going to cost when no trophies came with it. Now they're doing a limited run for who knows how much. They'll probably want another $50 or more for this set. They should have just included them with the $70 trophy room so it would sell.

  2. salsa4datass's Avatar salsa4datass says

    ^ agreed! the fact that most of the skulls came from exclusives didn't help either...

  3. Sorrow Bringer's Avatar Sorrow Bringer says

    Not bothered about the diorama nor the skulls and masks, dont care if it gets 3x the price on secondary market or if people profit on this, completed the losties thats all I want. I don't recreate scenes. I buy the figures cause I'm a figure and a pred fan.

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