Batman Arkham Origins Batman and Deathstroke From Mattel

Batman Arkham Origins Deathstroke Mattel

We have received high resolution looks at two upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins figures coming from Mattel. The first two figures are Batman and Deathstroke. The figures stand 6″ tall. The Mattel Batman differs greatly from the previously seen DC Collectibles Arkham Origins Batman.

No other info is available at this time. Read on to check out the images.

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  1. warmachine6 has no avatar! warmachine6 says

    Hmmm batman looks epic although i swear one his horns is bigger than the other

  2. sabretoothe has no avatar! sabretoothe says

    if these look this good at retail i'll be pleasantly surprised
    not knocking he toys but the designs albeit cool looking are reminding me greatly of some things...
    batman: upper body - guyver, lower body - play arts kai solidus snake.
    deathstroke: the body armor looks like a kit bash from several anime characters, and the shoulder armor pad looks like it got ripped out of halo.

    not saying these are bad figures, i will be definitely put them on my to buy list, the designs of the characters are bugging me a teeeny bit that's all.

  3. Betoxico's Avatar Betoxico says

    GUAU! Both figures go to my to buy list!!
    Deathstroke looks great, and with so many accesories!!


  4. Shin Densetsu's Avatar Shin Densetsu says

    WORRIED, because these look like in-house Mattel sculpts. Mattel's sculptors did great on the Batman 1966 line but in a way those sculpts still look weird. Adam West is a bit pot-bellied or at least was during the 60's as Bats, whereas the Riddler being lanky works as the actor was pretty skinny.

    These...these have ball jointed elbows, already looks like the bicep sculpt is hindering forward movement for the elbow joints. The sculpts themselves lack the refinement of the 4H sculpts.

    In addition, even when the 4H work off the in-game character model with the Injustice figures...those come off like in-house Mattel sculpts. Hopefully these figures turn out good but I have my doubts. With the DC Collectibles figures looking only an inch taller and possibly having as much articulation as DCUC figures, those might turn out way better.

  5. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    Interesting and unexpected. I kinda want Deathstroke, but I also kinda want to see how a the inevitable DCC version turns out.

  6. Sorrow Bringer's Avatar Sorrow Bringer says

    No ab crunch on both, death stroke has pupils don't remember that, correct me if I'm wrong. Sculpt looks dirty or uneven? Proto version probably? DCC version more cleaner but doubting it will get this much articulation.

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