Avengers Assemble Mighty Battlers and Titan Hero Hi-Res Pics

Avengers Assemble Mighty Battlers Red Hulk Rage 001

Hasbro has provided us with a handful of very high resolution images for a few upcoming, and previously seen, Avengers Assemble figures. Included are:

Titan Hero Series
• Captain America
• Hulk

Might Battlers
• Red Hulk Rage
• Stealth Tech Armor Iron Man

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  1. danimal has no avatar! danimal says

    Originally Posted by The Happy Mask Salesman View Post
    they look like big happy meal toys...
    No kidding.

    When did hasbro decide to release happy meal toys to retail stores?

  2. sabretoothe has no avatar! sabretoothe says

    wow couldn't even get the right figures for the vehicles, repaints of mk VII? really, could have sworn they had 3.75" iron patriot and mk 42 armors.

    the hell?

  3. jestermon has no avatar! jestermon says

    Nah it's fine they know these toys will sell like hotccakes, so this is a good thing for the community and collector, oh wait no.

    I don't understand it's not even the collector just the kids these days don't have as much imagination as we used to they want toys that can move some what.

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