Space Pirate Captain Harlock and Yuki Hotaru Play Arts Kai

Play Arts Kai Captain Harlock 2

Last month we shared with our readers a sneak peek at the Play Arts Kai Captain Harlock Figure. Now, Square Enix has revealed new images for, not only, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, but also a Yuki Hotaru Play Arts Kai Figures. Currently, the release date and price haven’t been revealed. We will keep everyone updated as that info is posted.

for now, check out a few pics of both figures by reading on.

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  1. Shin Densetsu's Avatar Shin Densetsu says

    Movie looks beast, since this is a PAK, I'm already worried about the quality. Have a feeling that not only will the cowl hinder shoulder articulation, but that the shoulder joints will be stuck to begin with.

  2. gatchagrey has no avatar! gatchagrey says

    don't know if he has enough skull and crossbones on..
    I am really loving some of the stuff play arts is coming out with.. the variant dc characters now this...

    I am not lovin the cost about 75 -80 bucks before shippin

  3. gaKK has no avatar! gaKK says

    I just got the medicom 1/6 harlock from the show. I love it.

    I'll hold out for the hot toys version of the movie.

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