Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy Vincent – Painted Shots

Thanks to Hidemi Matsuzuka from Square Enix – we have a new teaser shot of Play Arts Kai Vincent from Final Fantasy fully painted. We last saw him at Toy Fair 2013 in prototype form. Check out the pic after the break!

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  1. Dario has no avatar! Dario says

    ugh.. why every picture Squenix shows of their PAKs always have to be doing that pelvic trust.. :^/ anyways figure looks aight I guess

  2. MeLikeJinx has no avatar! MeLikeJinx says

    I don't get why FF7's Vincent is held in such high regard... he get's his own spinoff game... his action figure or PVC keeps getting re-released over and over again. I mean he's cool and all, but IMO not as cool as a lot of other FF characters.

  3. darksword's Avatar darksword says

    So...they're remaking Vincent...but never bothered to make Barret or Cid???

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