Pics and Info for SDCC Exclusive Albino Predator

SDCC Albino Predator 3

NECA has posted a few images and info for their San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Exclusive Albino Predator. This will be the second Predator figure based on a fan film character, the first being the Big Red Predator. This one comes from Alien vs Predator: Dead End. The Albino Predator will sell for $25 at SDCC.

Read on to see a few photos of the figure.

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  1. metalalchemist has no avatar! metalalchemist says

    Not sure about him yet, he looks kind of unfinished. Maybe the paint finish?

  2. itMFtis's Avatar itMFtis says

    Big Red at least had some new pieces. Is there anything new about this guy besides, what I consider to be, a bad paint job? It looks like someone held some melting cheddar cheese over his head and it's flowed down his body.

  3. Phantomcrow's Avatar Phantomcrow says

    He is that new Rave Club Predator, He shows up all crazy under black light when he hits the dance floor. He is going to be best friends with Rave Skeletor. Remember that Neon Orange/ Metallic Purple Skeletor from the 200X line. :-)

  4. jestermon has no avatar! jestermon says

    Looks liek he's got bees and they have made parts of him into honeycomb.

    It looks neat, it reminds me of one of the 90's ones he had a 2 barrel blaster and a skull monopod for it forgot the name of it.

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