NECA Teases their 18 Inch Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger Jaeger

NECA has tweeted out a preview image of an upcoming 18″ Tall Pacific Rim Jaeger Action Figure. The preview pic shows Gipsy Danger, one of the massive mecha featured in the film.

Read on to check it out.

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  1. jwmagick has no avatar! jwmagick says

    I love the detail, but does it look like there might not be much shoulder articulation? Looks like it will have ankle swivel so could be that there is more articulation, but the armor just gets in the way.

    Also, I hope this is actual plastic and not that heavy fused rubber/vinyl they like to use. I'd like to be able to crack it open to add some lights.

  2. dragon has no avatar! dragon says

    stop with toys it makes more excited lokoing for this movie more and more no matter what critics will say probably get bad ratings i am looking forward to this film great figure like to see more maybe some aliens

  3. astrakhan has no avatar! astrakhan says

    I just hope it can do the Headmaster/cockpit docking thing from the trailer. That, more than anything else, confirmed for me that Del Toro really knew his source material.

  4. Colder Soldier has no avatar! Colder Soldier says

    As awesome as this thing and it's concept is, it will be terrible if there isn't a monster in the same scale.

  5. salsa4datass's Avatar salsa4datass says

    ^ agreed! I have said before that they should have released a robot and alien in a wave because now this gives them another excuse to say the line didn't do well, no aliens...

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