Hallmark Reveals 2013 Keepsake Holiday Ornaments

Man of Steel Superman Ornament

It’s only April, and we’re closer to the 2012 Holiday Season than we are to the 2013 one, but Hallmark isn’t deterred. They have released their Hallmark 2013 Keepsake Dreambook. So if you’re a collector of the assorted pop culture ornaments they put out each year, then now’s your chance to see what’s coming. We’ve mirrored a few of the more notable ornaments here, but there’s many more to check out in the full book. Included are:

• Adventure Time Finn and Jake
• Batman
• Finding Nemo’s Crush and Squirt
• Dark Knight Joker
• Harry Potter’s Hogwarts
• Iron Man 3 Iron Patriot
• Knight Rider KITT
• Man of Steel Superman
• Papa Smurf
• Spider-Man
• Star Trek Captain Kirk vs Gorn
• Star Trek Montgomery Scott
• Star Trek U.S.S. Kelvin
• Star Wars AT-ST
• Star Wars Ewoks
• Star Wars Jabba The Hutt and C-3PO
• Star Wars Jango Fett
• Star Wars LEGO Yoda
• The Hobbit’s Bilbo Baggins
• Toy Story Buzz Lightyear
• Toy Story Rex

Read on to see the pics.

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