Funko DC Comics Mystery Minis Revealed

DC Mystery Minis Assortment

Funko has unveiled their upcoming blind boxed DC Comics Mystery Minis figures. The first wave of these figures will focus on assorted characters from the Batman universe. They are 2.5″ tall and most of the characters will be available in multiple poses. Included will be:

• Retro Batman
• New 52 Batman
• Catwoman
• Penguin
• The Riddler
• Retro Joker
• The Dark Knight Joker
• Batgirl

Look for them in late April. Read on for the images.

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  1. Tony_Bacala's Avatar Tony_Bacala says

    Some cool looking figs, and the glamor shots are pretty sweet too.

  2. bigkid24's Avatar bigkid24 says

    Oh man I must be tired when I saw the ratios of the figures I first read them as the scale/size of the figure.

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