Medicom Real Action Hero Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Link

Medicom RAH Skyward Sword Link 019

Ameblo has posted images and info for Medicom‘s newest addition to their highly detail Real Action Heroes line. The newest figure is an amazing looking Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Link figure. This 1/6 scale figure stands a little under 12″. He will come with his trademark Master Sword, shield, a Tough Beetle, and a Sacred Bow with arrows. Look for the figure to hit in November at a price of  20,790 Yen (about $217 USD).

Read on for the photos.

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  1. Mastersteef's Avatar Mastersteef says

    Oh man this looks like an awesome figure....that I will not be able to afford.

    ARGH! Expensive Japanese figures why do you Vex me so?!?!

  2. darksword's Avatar darksword says

    Wow this is awesome. But way too expensive. And I thought the Figma Link was pricey...

  3. behindthemask's Avatar behindthemask says

    This looks amazing!! But $220 + shipping, is way too much $$. $100 shipped, I'd bite but not at this price.

  4. TimespliTT's Avatar TimespliTT says

    the figure looks nice, even though I imagine that the inner body is just a lame figure with cloths on it

    i probably could buy the head/cloths/accessories for $100 total and just buy a truetype body and save $100+. it wouldnt look as good but I'd save.

    i notice that medicoms other figures are priced near the $200 range. im not made of money...

  5. Johnnyakiba's Avatar Johnnyakiba says

    I think sadly I will be biting on this one... I really really want it~!

    I don't have a TON of money but now that I am finishing school I'll have some disposable income to throw at it... It'll go great with my vintage kung fu grip joes~! LOL

  6. Soupy has no avatar! Soupy says

    You can preorder it off amiami for 15800 yen. Saves you about 50 bucks... it's still expensive but hey at least you save bit.

  7. trebleshot's Avatar trebleshot says

    Looks amazing, but definitely out of my price range for non-Transformer toys.

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