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Galaxy Squad is one of the hot new lines for LEGO that debuted at the tail end of 2012. While there are some images of all that product that you have already seen gracing the shelves of your local retail locations, there are many images of upcoming Galaxy Squad product to keep fans busy later on this year.

Click on the thumbnails for these new images from the 2013 Toy Fair event!

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  1. C.I.A.D.'s Avatar C.I.A.D. says

    Check out the offerings from Lego revealed at Toy Fair 2013. There are a ton of images that I know our team in NYC are drooling over! Each Group are linked below for your convenience. Enjoy!

    Lego Castles

    Lego Chima

    Lego City

    Lego Creator

    Lego Friends

    Lego Galaxy Squad

    Lego Games

    Lego Hero Factory

    Lego Ninjago

    Lego Lone Ranger

    Lego Lord of the Rings

    Lego Mindstorms and Lego Technic

    Lego Star Wars

    Lego Star Wars Empire Strikes Out and Yoda Chronicles

    Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Now with more booyashocka!

  2. C.I.A.D.'s Avatar C.I.A.D. says

    Originally Posted by DeeFuzz
    I know that MOST of our readers are big fans of the LEGO Friends play system and have been CLAMORING for images of upcoming product. Well you can safely relax and feast upon a bevy of imagery that will rekindle that fire of an innocent child that lies dormant deep inside your heart.

    This year's LEGO Friends offering is a serious game changer my dear readers, and you may want to make sure you are sitting down for this one. New images from the 2013 Toy Fair are primed and ready, but the question you should ask yourself is this: "Am I ready?" Click on the thumbnail and find out!
    Spoken like a true LEGO Friends fan.

  3. CrockAlley's Avatar CrockAlley says

    First, Gimli with baguette. Awesome.

    Second, why is Sauruman at the gate thingy? In the books, he ran away west, and in the movies, he was dead.

  4. Deefuzz's Avatar Deefuzz says

    Originally Posted by C.I.A.D. View Post
    Spoken like a true LEGO Friends fan.
    It's like Christmas for me!!!

  5. Super_Megatron's Avatar Super_Megatron says

    Some of these Lego mini figures are going to be hard to resist.

  6. Boba Fettuccini's Avatar Boba Fettuccini says

    They need to release the franchise characters in foil packs. I want to have all the Star Wars and LOTR characters, but I can't be bothered to buy $500 worth of Lego sets to get them.

    That said... the Lego Friends yacht is actually pretty cool >_>

  7. trebleshot's Avatar trebleshot says

    Here are a couple bullet points for my thoughts on the Lego news:

    Hero Factory
    The Jet Rocka set reminds me of Centurions (very cool) and the Pyrox set looks like a teenaged Balrog from LOTR.

    Star Wars
    Jabba's Sail Barge....holy $#%@! I'd love to have that, but it will probably cost an arm and a leg (and take up just about the same amount of space).

    Originally Posted by CrockAlley View Post
    Second, why is Sauruman at the gate thingy?
    He's not.

    Originally Posted by Furbs View Post
    It's not Sauruman at the Black Gates, it's Gandalf the White. :-)
    Correct. It's Gandalf the White in the Black Gates set. Saruman is the white wizard in the Wizard Duel set. It's fairly easy to see in our pics that they have different faces. The really cool part about the Wizard Duel set is that you use the parts from Saurman and Gandalf the Gray to build your own Gandalf the White.

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