Matty Collector Images Of Castle Grayskull And MOTU


New images of Castle Grayskull and upcoming He-Man MOTU images have been posted up via the Masters of the Universe Facebook page. Also included in this update is a new DC Watchmen Figure.

New images include:

  • Castle Grayskull
  • Castaspella
  • Batros
  • Comedian
  • Fire
  • Huntress
  • Icer
  • Shakoti
  • NA He-Man
  • Mantenna

Read on for the images.

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  1. Phantomcrow's Avatar Phantomcrow says

    OH thank you for doing FIRE from a good era. Now do a version that is transparent green and naked :-) Kidding aside , now I just need a good 90's era ICE to go with Fire and a Max Lord figure (Either in a full suit JLI style or in black shirt and gloves in Checkmate style) and my Formerly Known as The Justice League will be complete :-)

    The Castle Greyskull is shaping up well, BUT MOST IMPORTANT .....MANTENNA!!!!!!!! Feels like years (oh wait, it has been) I have been waiting to finish out the main HORDE characters, and he looks AMAZING!!!!!!

    Now if they announce a Horde Trooper.....I might pass out. Now I just wait to see of they make Scorpina, Dragstor, and an evil Adora as Captain of the Guard for the Horde (with black and silver highlights that I have seen some custom versions use) or Despera, the new evil version of Adora coming in the new comic.

  2. Alienweirdo's Avatar Alienweirdo says

    Oh crap, there's me telling myself I'm Done with MotuC after Ram Man, and then they make Mantenna look like the most badass figure to date...

  3. FadeToBlackBolt's Avatar FadeToBlackBolt says

    Those Fire and Huntress figures are amazing. Probably the best DCU females ever, imo. Just gorgeous.

  4. MegaPrime33's Avatar MegaPrime33 says

    None of these really do anything for me, though I did freak my sister out with Mantenna when I was a kid. Grayskull is just ok. I've been over MOTUC for awhile now.

  5. ludovicotek's Avatar ludovicotek says

    Mantenna!!!! Finally!!!!!! And I'm really liking Batros and Shakoti as well. Looks like another great year for MOTUC! Grayskull is huuuuuuuge.

    The DC figures look great too. Definitely picking up Huntress.

  6. Dark Hayabusa's Avatar Dark Hayabusa says

    Sweet baby Jesus, Yes! Mantenna! He's really coming and he has 4 legs. And that Fire is pretty damn good too. If only for her lovely big 80's hair

  7. CMIII's Avatar CMIII says

    If were getting Fire does that mean Ice is in the future as well???

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