McFarlane Announces Walking Dead Comic Series 2


McFarlane Toys has announced new figures for their line of Walking Dead action figures. The Walking Dead Comic Series 2 features some major fan favorites. They are expected to hit this June. Included are:

– Glenn

– The Governor

– Michonne’s Pet Zombie

– Penny – The Governor’s Zombie Daughter

– Bloody Black & White 2-Pack – The Governor and Penny

UPDATE – Images Added:

Big Bad Toys Store has updated their The Walking Dead listings with images of these figures!

You can read on to check out the official release from McFarlane and now the images.

In A World Ruled By The Dead…Toys May Be The Only Way To Survive!

Slap on your riot gear and grab the nearest zombie head bashing apparatus, because McFarlane Toys is excited to announce the second comic series inspired by the highly acclaimed, Eisner Awarding-winning The Walking Dead comic book series from creator/writer Robert Kirkman.

The Walking Dead, the top-selling graphic novels of 2011 and 2012, from Kirkman’s Skybound imprint at Image Comics, tells the story of the months and years that come after the zombie apocalypse. It follows a group of survivors, led by Rick Grimes, who travel in search of safety and security, all while fending off the hordes of undead and even deadlier humans they encounter on their journey.

Check out the complete bone crunching lineup and details below for The Walking Dead Comic Series 2 figures!

Glenn, an original Atlanta survivor, has become crucial to the survival of Rick’s group due to his ability and agility at getting in-and-out of zombie-infested areas in order to search for food and supplies. Glenn, in full riot gear, features 28 points of articulation and is equipped with two pistols, riot shield, baton, gas can, and removable helmet with flip-up visor.

Zombies are not the only threat to Rick and his band of survivors, the Governor is truly the first human antagonist that the group encounters within the comic series. The Governor features 28 points of articulation and includes a kitchen knife, pistol, and alternate mutilated head & right arm.

It’s not until Mike, Michonne’s boyfriend, is bit by a zombie that Michonne discovers the true nature of the zombie epidemic. A bite is a death sentence! Michonne quickly realizes that Zombies don’t attack other Zombies and uses Mike as camouflage and protection against the hordes of the undead awaiting her in this new world. Michonne’s Pet Zombie features 17 points of articulation and includes a neck collar & chain, tear off arms & jaw, and push in/ pull out intestines.

Nothing is stronger than a father daughter bond, as we see with The Governor and his daughter Penny. Infected early on with the zombie virus, Penny has been cared for and fed by her unconditionally loving father. Penny features 12 points of articulation and includes a bucket of fresh body parts (severed leg, severed foot, severed hand, intestines, heart and Rick’s severed hand) that the Governor feeds to her. Figure also includes a fish tank with trophy heads collected by her father. One of the heads can be used as an alternate head for Michonne’s Pet Zombie Mike, allowing you to build Michonne’s 2nd pet and Mike’s best friend, Terry.

Staying true to the comic, this blood-splattered black & white version of The Governor & Daughter Zombie is the perfect addition to any The Walking Dead collection. This box set still includes all the articulation and gory accessories included with the standard figures.

All of these gruesome The Walking Dead Comic Series 2 figures will be available this June. Hopefully the rest of your toy collection isn’t too squeamish, because some of these figures have a tendency to chew on body parts. ‘

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  1. FancyPants's Avatar FancyPants says

    Does the governor come with a "captive" mischonne? Captive isn't the word i'm looking for, but it's more appropriate that what happened lol

  2. Drewerd's Avatar Drewerd says

    that glenn sounds great full riot gear with a bunch of accessories cant wait for the pics.

  3. SquirtleSquad7's Avatar SquirtleSquad7 says


    I'll need to get 2 Glen's, one for me and the other for my girlfriend who's obsessed with him. The Governor's a must buy too.

    I still can't get my hands on Rick though. Anyone wanna help me out with that?

  4. Tarquinius's Avatar Tarquinius says

    This makes me so happy. This comic line was presumed dead, so now I'm happy they are rebooting/keeping it

  5. Greg has no avatar! Greg says

    Looks like a solid wave. I'm excited for these figures, and I'm glad the comic assortment is back. Hopefully McFarlane can release one or two waves of each assortment per year. I know I'll continue buying as long as they are producing.

  6. scarecrow's Avatar scarecrow says

    Originally Posted by FancyPants View Post
    Does the governor come with a "captive" mischonne? Captive isn't the word i'm looking for, but it's more appropriate that what happened lol
    Yeah, because rape is so hilarious.

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