Marvel Minimates Series 48 Four Fantastic 2-Packs


Here is an update of the tray shots for these new FF minimates.

Diamond Select brings us the latest Fantastic Four minimates. Over the past 52 years, the Fantastic Four’s line-up has changed more times than we can count, but the four original members are still the best! Early 2013 will bring four FF-themed two-packs to comic shops, and Diamond Select Toys went back to the days when they were under the aegis of comics legend John Byrne for their latest series of Marvel Minimates, with each member in a dark blue uniform with white accents. Each member also comes with a classic villain: Mr. Fantastic with the Puppet Master, “Flame On” Human Torch with Blastaar and the Invisible Woman with a Moloid. The fourth two-pack in this series is a rare variant set, where the Moloid comes with blind sculptress Alicia Masters, and while FF cornerstone The Thing is exclusively at Toys “R” Us, this set includes a tiny bust of the rocky ruffian himself!

Check out the packaging below, and pre-order the set at your local comic shop!

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  1. FancyPants's Avatar FancyPants says

    Thats a great wave. I think puppet master would make a great jack nicolson head for a custom.

  2. astrakhan has no avatar! astrakhan says

    I just realized that the Moloids will be useful for a Future Foundation display--they have three Moloid kids amongst them who are adorable and awesome.

    These are some great sets, and they'll go really well with my Trenchcoat Thing.

  3. Bubba304's Avatar Bubba304 says

    These are great! can't wait to get Blastaar, puppet master and the moloids! the Flame on Human Torch and Stretch Punch Mr. Fantastic Look Great!! Any Ideas of who the Thing will be packed with @ TRU??? and i love the lesbian mullet that Sue comes kinda looking forward to picking her up. Not a fan of getting doubles of some characters, different outfits is one thing, but the fantastic four are pretty basic as far as uniforms with the exception of the FF black and white suits. so I only want/need one or two reeds, johnnys, sues, and bens

  4. astrakhan has no avatar! astrakhan says

    The sarcastic idiot within me wants to say he comes with Willy Lumpkin, but we're due for a Franklin Richards...

  5. Panthro1978's Avatar Panthro1978 says

    I was going to pass on these as I'm not much of an FF fan, but now I've looked at them, I guess they'll be coming home with me if I find them...

  6. Panthro1978's Avatar Panthro1978 says

    Originally Posted by Bubba304 View Post
    any ideas of who The Thing will be packed with @ TRU???
    Sorry for the double post but isn't he already available in an earlier MM wave?

  7. DSTZach has no avatar! DSTZach says

    Thing will come with Silver Surfer. Nova Blast Human Torch comes with Annihilus.

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