NECA Quarter Scale Avengers Behind The Scenes


Playing a bit of catch up after the Thanksgiving break. NECA has posted some behind the scenes pics of their upcoming 1/4 Scale Avengers figures. The pics also reveal a previously unannounced 1/4 Scale Iron Man. Captain America hits stores in January. Expect the Iron Man to release in April. They also announced that they hope to release a Thor and Hulk in scale! Figures will retail for between $80 – $90 and will stand approximately 18″ tall.

Click the headline of the story for the images.

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  1. warmachine6 has no avatar! warmachine6 says

    erm i would of thought these would be out already ? its been ages since the avengers came out

  2. Drewerd's Avatar Drewerd says

    these look good for prototype I think NECA is great with details and 90 bucks seems reasonable for 18" figure, I am just wondering what accessories are we gonna get for the price ?

  3. Kaz's Avatar Kaz says

    Iron Man?? with lights?? 90$???? SOLD. It's not a hot toys... but.... I like it.

    But i'm afraid of the paintjobs... the last classic predator 1/4 have and awuful paint apps on tha face and armor... I had to repaint.

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