Marvel Minimates Hulk Through The Ages Box Set


Art Asylum has revealed a new Marvel Minimates box set. The set reveals their upcoming Hulk: Through The Ages figures.

Only a select few Marvel characters have been given “Through the Ages” box sets entirely dedicated to them: Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine and soon Venom will make the cut. Well, the next “Through the Ages” set has been announced by Diamond Select Toys, and it features Marvel’s heaviest hitter, the Hulk! Hulk up your Minimates collection with these four legendary and exciting new Hulks!

Four figures representing different eras in Hulk’s life are included in the set:

- Joe Fixit, his grey-skinned enforcer persona from his time in Las Vegas; his Minimate will have a removable jacket, hat and tommy gun.

- Maestro, his evil future self who has defeated all of Earth’s heroes; he will include a removable cape, crown and a trophy display.

- Barbarian Hulk, from his time living in Subterranea among the Moloids;

- Composite Hulk, when he was briefly merged with his red counterpart.

This set will be released in spring 2013 to comic shops and specialty stores only, and will be available for pre-order starting this Friday, so reserve a set with your local shop or your favorite online retailer!

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  1. trebleshot's Avatar trebleshot says

    I'd get it just for Joe Fixit, but the others would be cool to have as well.

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