Walking Dead Minimates series 2 In-Package Pics


Diamond Select Toys has sent along photos of the upcoming Walking Dead Minimates Series 2.

The Walking Dead Minimates Series 2, based on the hit comic book by Robert Kirkman, will arrive later this month from Diamond Select Toys, and we’ve got packaged pictures of the entire assortment! Andrea and her short-packed sister Amy (with zombies) will only be at comic shops and specialty stores, while Lori and Morgan (with zombies) will only be at Toys “R” Us and toysrus.com. Shared between both markets will be a two-pack of zombies and the sword-wielding Michonne (with zombie)! Each Minimate is 2 inches tall and comes with multiple interchangeable parts and accessories.

Check out the packaged pics below, then reserve your set at your local comic shop!

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Click the headline of the story for the photos.

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  1. trowa195 has no avatar! trowa195 says

    Can't wait for these. hope they are easier to find than the first series.

  2. Joe Moore's Avatar Joe Moore says

    Originally Posted by trowa195 View Post
    Can't wait for these. hope they are easier to find than the first series.
    Same here, I was only able to track down some of them. Still need Shane, Glen, and the Black and White Dale 2-pack. Probably just going to order them online.

  3. Drewerd's Avatar Drewerd says

    I want michonne and her two walkers so bad they look awesome and the one eyed zombie that comes with michonne looks awesome too

  4. trowa195 has no avatar! trowa195 says

    If you happen to run into a spare Glenn and/or Shane I would gladly send you some money to cover their cost and the cost to ship them to me, if you don't mind good sir

    I really want to keep a MOC set and open one. They are way too cool not to open.

  5. kdawg01970's Avatar kdawg01970 says

    The only reason was able to grab the first wave was because my TRU put them in the most unusual of places. I hope they do the same with this wave because Michonne and pets look so cool.

  6. Bubba304's Avatar Bubba304 says

    I just need the Morgan, Andrea, and Amy packs....can't wait to find them and add to my TWD minimate collection! would love a zombie 4 pack with lots of extra spare parts and what not so we can create more zombies, I would buy several of those to zombie army build....maybe have them in prison clothes or hospital gowns

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