Walking Dead TV Series 2 Figures Released


This is a story that slipped past us last week. But, thanks to forum member thetoybox1138, we now know that The Walking Dead TV Series 2 figures from McFarlane Toys have been released. If you don’t remember, here’s who is included:

– Rick Grimes

– Well Zombies

– RV Zombies

– Bicycle Girl Zombie

– Shane Walsh

You can find them at Toys “R” Us and Barnes and Noble stores. For a few pics, click the headline of the story.

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  1. thetoybox1138's Avatar thetoybox1138 says

    Just got back from my local Toys R' Us. They had all the new series 2 Walking Dead figures. It looked like a whole case was up, and this was the breakdown I saw;

    3 Rick Grimes
    3 Well Zombies
    3 RV Zombies
    2 Bicycle Girl Zombie
    1 Shane Walsh

    Looks like Shane is going to be the "Daryl" of the bunch. By that I mean it will cost you more to by one of him on secondary markets than it will to buy the other four combined.

    Oddly enough, all but two of the Well Zombie figures were open. The entire bubble was hanging from the bottom of the card. Nothing from inside was missing, so I don't know if this was a production error, or if someone ripped them open and left them. I would hope that the employees of the store wouldn't put open toys like this out, but you never know these days.

    Here are the photos I just took;

  2. salsa4datass's Avatar salsa4datass says

    that's weird. the one tru i saw them at had two shanes and one of everyone else. i want the zombies but the rick and shane look horrible!!!
    maybe i'll get shane for the collection anyway...

  3. thetoybox1138's Avatar thetoybox1138 says

    I'm okay with the Shane figure, but the Rick is absolutely horrid. The face looks nothing like Andrew Lincoln, and I can't believe the sculpted a set of hands on every single accessory, making it so you have to change the hands out for each item.

  4. salsa4datass's Avatar salsa4datass says

    that mcfartshame for you. just waiting for people to complain that they broke their figure changing the hands back and forth...

  5. Joe Moore's Avatar Joe Moore says

    This one slipped through the cracks last week. Thanks for the heads up. Barnes and Noble store are getting them in stock as well.

  6. trowa195 has no avatar! trowa195 says

    I think there are the typical first run production issues that McFarlane always has. I found a few really good ricks and a few bad ones that did not even have eyebrows. lol.
    Shane is the same, he is either missing the whites in his eyes and/or his eyebrows are waaaay too long. He kind of looks like a carnie. (no offense to carnie folk mind you) No problems for me since I am going full on custom with these figures. The sculpts are good. A LOT better that series one. I wish they would re-release series one with the better paint aps, or at least re-release Daryl.

  7. makingmymarc has no avatar! makingmymarc says

    The Rick figure looks waaaay more like Rick when you get up close than the series 1 fig. It really does resemble Andrew Lincoln. Shane on the other hand, looks nothing like Joe Bernthal. Like at all.

  8. Poison Shadow's Avatar Poison Shadow says

    Yeah, I can definitely still see Andrew Lincoln in this new Rick. In fact, if it weren't for those wonky gorilla arms the new one would have been opened up to take my old one's place in the WD display.

    Shane, though, is just horrible. I heard it's because McFarlane wasn't able to get John Bernthal to come in to get his head/face scanned due to various schedule issues, and once his time on the show was over he had no interest in doing it at all. So it's understandable, because John Bernthal is a seriously goofy looking dude and his likeness would have to be very difficult to sculpt from scratch.

    Also, what's up with the different packaging variants for series 2? There's the standard style that isn't much different from series 1, then a smaller style with no blood spatter, and then a taller and thinner style sold by Gamestop. It seems a little excessive.

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