Chogokin Saber From Fate/Stay Night


Do you like Fate/Stay Night? Well how about some action figures, even some with diecast? Tamashii had updated their site with official pics and info for their upcoming Chogokin Saber figure from Fate/Stay Night. Product info:

  • Price: 7,875 yen
  • Release date: February 2013
  • 1st ever figure of Saber wearing diecast armor
  • Diecast and plated armor covers the whole body
  • Almost all of the foream armor is made of diecast
  • Heavy texture conveyed through weathered paint apps
  • Despite having armor on, the figure is fully articulated and able to be put into dynamic poses due to movable armor.
  • Effect parts such as magic seat pedestal and magic effect clear parts shown in the opening of the anime are included(some are adjustable)
  • -Avalon Excalibur, swappable heads, ribbons and more are included
Check out the official images of Saber after the jump!

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  1. KshatriyaNZ666's Avatar KshatriyaNZ666 says

    Awesome figure for sure, but at $100, no thanks. I'm a huge Saber fan, but I'll be sticking with my figma Saber(s).

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