Diamond Select Toys Mad Monster Party Images


Diamond Select Toys has sent along images and info for their newly released Mad Monster Party figures.

Watch your back, Rudolph — the Mad Monster Party has begun! Released in 1967 by stop-motion magnates Rankin-Bass, Mad Monster Party is the horror buff’s bedtime story, the Halloween equivalent of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and a benchmark in the grand tradition of stop-motion animation. Now, 45 years later, Diamond Sleect Toys is giving the film the toys it so richly deserved! The first series includes Baron Boris Von Frankenstein, the Baron’s creation Fang and the vampiric Count Dracula. Sculpted in a 7-inch scale (the creature is over 9 inches tall!) by Tony Cipriano, each figure comes with a display base and a variety of accessories. Check out the gallery below, then pick up a set at your local comic shop, or order one from your favorite online toy store today!

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Read on to check out the pics.

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