S.H. MonsterArts Vajra

Wow, talk about a long time coming. Unveiled at the Tamashii Nations 5th Anniverary Event was the S.H. MonsterArts Vajra! The Vajra were the main enemy in Macross Frontier(until later on…). At one point, Bandai Hobby showed off plamo prototypes but up until now, no Vajra model nor toy was shown.

Scale seems to be on the smaller side, maybe 1/100 like the VF HI-METAL series(thought to be dead though Tamashii has acknowledged demand for VF HI-METAL VF-25‘s before). Look towards the left for a sneak peek at the DX RVF-25 Renewal Version. Stay tuned for more info! No word yet on Ai-Kun though that would be a neat Tamashii Web Exclusive.

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  1. bad karma's Avatar bad karma says

    If it's good size and the price isn't ridiculous, I'll have one of these.

  2. KshatriyaNZ666's Avatar KshatriyaNZ666 says

    It's awesome how they're expanding this line. I don't know much about Macross at all, but I just bought my first figure from HLJ 'cause it was on sale for like $7. This Battroid special deco thing (doesn't transform though ).

    This Vajira looks interesting enough to warrant a purchase from me.

    Any word on the Evangelion Angels?

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