Predator Series 7 and Prometheus Deacon Sample Images


NECA has tweeted out a few new photos of some upcoming figures. The new photos show prototypes and packaging samples. Included is the prototype and packaging layout for Predator Series 7 figures Big Red Predator (with new lower body articulation) and Masked City Hunter Predator. Also added is a photo of their Deacon creature head sculpt from Prometheus.

Check out the images after the jump.

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  1. FancyPants's Avatar FancyPants says

    Can't wait for that new predator. Why though did they release the masked city hunter. It's the same one from the TRU two pack.

  2. Phantomcrow's Avatar Phantomcrow says

    I am guessing that not everyone wanted the half cloaked figure in the 2 pack, I did not , I have just been using the old McFarlane pred 2 predator for my lost tribe.

  3. muffinhunter has no avatar! muffinhunter says

    EDIT: And you know what? Never mind. I mis-read a post I was replying to.

  4. Travis King has no avatar! Travis King says

    I bought the two pack and will likely buy it again to have the extra trophy skull and extended spear. That or find another Guardian predator, but Big Red Predator is gonna be so sick. It's the only 8" predator I've seen with the wrist blade on the left arm.

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