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MattyCollector put out a Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull Pre-Order display. Showing details on the pre-order for the Castle Grayskull. That pre-order page is LIVE NOW. The pre-order is $250 and they start October 16th.

Read on for more details.

Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull Pre-Order

Pre-order Starts: October 16, 2012 9 a.m. PT
Pre-order Ends: January 3, 2013 11:59 p.m. PT

Standing solitary in the desolate lands of Eternia®, the legendary Castle Grayskull® offers sanctuary for He-Man® and those who stand for all that is good. An essential component in the original Masters of the Universe® toy line, this long-awaited icon is finally available for pre-order. Whether you’re a dedicated fan of the original series or new to the Classics line, no collection will truly be complete without Castle Grayskull®!

Our all-new Castle Grayskull® playset is slated for a late 2013 release. Because it’s still in its very earliest stage, the final design is subject (and likely) to change. Why are we offering it for pre-order now and asking you to make a commitment when the design hasn’t been finalized? Because the production cycle for an item like this takes over a year and is extremely costly. If we don’t reach the minimum pre-order goal, we can’t go forward.

So, here’s everything we can tell you at this time. Please read carefully before you make your purchase “” if we reach our production goal during the pre-order period, there will be no refunds or exchanges when the product is released.

Product Features

– It’s Castle Grayskull®!
– Ideally, the set will include everything shown in the ‘B sheet’ product drawings to the left, but please remember these are working drawings and aren’t final yet.
– If produced, this will be the largest, most ambitious MOTUC item ever made “” the dimensions are expected to be somewhere around 25’h x 26’w x 28’d (subject to change).
– The overall sculpt will be based on the original 1981 prototype, with the addition of an extra battle ledge, elongated jaw/face, a removable minaret on top of the dome and more!
– Just like the vintage toy, it will be a two-sided foldout but there will be three levels to show off your MOTUC figures (in scale with most of our 6.5′ figures). The vintage set only had two levels, but we’ve added another across the top for maximum display options.
– Two secret doors “” the first, a traditional door that opens out the back, and the second one, a secret brick wall that exits to the outside ledge.
– Trap door leading to the dungeon (of course) that has an opening door, plus ‘locks’ and chains to hold one figure.
– Throne fits most 6.5′ MOTUC figures “” who will rule your Castle Grayskull®?
– Bat wing jet pack and training device were both cut from the vintage prototype and finally get a chance at production!
– Working elevator like the ’81 prototype had, but we’ve added back the red skull on top that was cut. The elevator goes to all three levels, not just two levels like vintage toy.
– Real opening Jawbridge just like you remember, only cooler!
– Have Wind Raider? The playset will include an attachment so you can be ready for air-battle at a moment’s notice (and create a complete diorama).
– Secret Orb room is hidden inside the dome.
– Removable ladder to the roof leads to a blaster and the flag of Castle Grayskull®.
– Carrying handle is optional for easy transport or clean display.
– Did we mention”¦ it’s Castle Grayskull®!

Ordering Information

– Castle Grayskull® will only be produced if the minimum production goal is reached during the pre-order period.

– If production goes forward, everyone who pre-orders is guaranteed to receive a playset. Some sets will be available on after pre-orders are fulfilled, but the price will be significantly higher and you won’t be guaranteed to get one. If you want one, a pre-order is the best way to ensure you get it.

– When you place your order, the card you used will be ‘pre-authorized’ for a zero dollar amount. This pre-authorization simply verifies that the card is valid. You will NOT be charged until the item ships, at which time you’ll be billed for the product, shipping costs, and any taxes/fees.

– Please note that because this item is so large, shipping charges will be substantially higher than items we normally sell.

– This item is scheduled for late 2013 shipment. We’ll send an email reminder about a month before the product is scheduled to ship. If you need to change your address or credit card information at that time, you’ll have plenty of notice.

– If this item reaches the pre-order goal, there will be NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES, even if the design or features change. If you place a pre-order, you are committed to the purchase and will be billed when the item ships.

– Should we not reach the minimum pre-order goal, your order will simply be canceled (because there’s no charge until it ships, there’s no refund needed).

One last thing”¦ because this is a work-in-progress, features may be added or subtracted from the proposed design, but we can’t confirm anything now. We’re seriously as excited as you are by the prospect of finally having a Castle Grayskull® playset and Mattel will do everything to ensure we can deliver as much value as possible!

You must be 18 or older to purchase this product.’

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  1. Dr Kain's Avatar Dr Kain says

    Well they said they cannot afford to do anything until after they make sure they hit the minimum sales needed. They said they will have the specs and I think concept art at the show.

  2. KshatriyaNZ666's Avatar KshatriyaNZ666 says

    "It’s Castle Grayskull!"
    Had to laugh at this one! And this one:

    Did we mention… it’s Castle Grayskull!

  3. Phantomcrow's Avatar Phantomcrow says

    I will have one, or maybe two, with a year to save up the money, I can do it.

  4. Shin Densetsu's Avatar Shin Densetsu says

    I couldn't have New Adventures of He Man back in 89 or so, but now that this version is coming, I SHALL HAVE THIS ONE! Looks great, and I actually dug the toon.

  5. Lody666's Avatar Lody666 says

    I think it's a joke and I don't trust Matty as far as I could throw them.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but have they met ANY of their pre-sales when offering items such as this?

    How many lines were cancelled due to not enough orders?

    And how about just telling everyone-"Hey, we need 5,000 - 10,000 of these ordered to make it happen"

    This (IMO) shows why Mattel is and always will be second best to Hasbro

  6. MegsTriggerMan's Avatar MegsTriggerMan says

    I believe they have only really attempted 2 pre orders... one being the Hoverboard which they met the numbers and produced ... and the other was the Young Justice 2 pack which ... well ... really no one wanted that crap unless it was on second mark down at TJ MAX or ROSS ... Im not missing Grayskull and it look amazing ... plus the dimensions on it are crazy ... I'm pulling for a Snake Mountain 2014

    That aside I completely understand your hesitation ... christ Mattycollector screwed me again this month with my CC info not being changed ...

  7. Solrac333 has no avatar! Solrac333 says

    Neat that they are doing a New Adventures He-man. Unfortunately, don't care for it and didn't care for the show when I was a kid.

  8. Dr Kain's Avatar Dr Kain says

    The show sucks, but I did want that design for some strange reason.

  9. miketime's Avatar miketime says

    250 plus shipping is a little too much me thinks. Even after the GF gave me the go ahead I'm still thinking about it. Maybe if I had not gotten suckered into the 30th anniversary line which has yielded 0 classic figures. Just because they create & force characters into the He-Man myths does not make them immediately nostalgic to me. I also grow tired of shipment delays making some months much more expensive than others with minimal notice on Mattel's part. The Voltron sub has also not met my expectations for detail and quality for there price point. That's enough bitching for now. I may not care when I finally have Ram Man in my hands.

  10. KshatriyaNZ666's Avatar KshatriyaNZ666 says

    I still would like to know what was responsible for the $50 hike. It does seem like they planned out a lot more features in the span of time between Power-Con and NYCC. I think that Wind Raider attachment is pretty neat.

  11. cobracobra's Avatar cobracobra says

    Went to NYCC today super crowded. I got to meet the brand manager Scott N very pleasant guy to talk to. Got to see the new 2013 figures in person Clamp Champ and NA He-Man were in the booth pretty cool.
    Picked up Demo Man and a Power and Honor foundation book. Which of the $260 that I spent today that book was by far the coolest item I bought.

  12. Optimus Vader's Avatar Optimus Vader says

    Hell yeah!

    .. and I like MegsTriggerMan's Snake Mountain plan. Pencil me in for that as well, Matty.

  13. Evantainment's Avatar Evantainment says

    Very tempting, but $250 seems steep. Plus shipping to Canada. Ouch.

  14. Yobuster has no avatar! Yobuster says

    It is very tempting but it is also very difficult to purchase sight-unseen.
    I'm looking at my voltron lions and it looked so much better in the pictures and in my hands........ not as great.

    So spending even more money on Cast Grayskull which could turn out to be lousy.... i don't know. Not to mention it;s going to take up a lot of space.

  15. webz has no avatar! webz says

    I have no need, nor want, a playset. I am an ADULT collector. I'm not going to be sitting at my desk, recreating tv episodes with my toys. All I want is a decently detailed diorama/backdrop of the jaw bridge and castle front, to display He-Man and Battlecat. That's it. $45, $50 at most.

    For the same $250, I'm getting Masterpiece Soundwave w/ Laserbeak and Sideswipe (Lambor).

  16. Snowflakian's Avatar Snowflakian says

    The castle is interesting, but not 250 interesting. Makes me want to dig through boxes and just find the classic one I found at a flea market for 5 bucks.

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