NYCC12 – Battle Beasts, Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates


Here are pics of some other Minimates including Battle Beasts and Street Fighter X Tekken.

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  1. Drewerd's Avatar Drewerd says

    I am so getting that Venom and those star trek figures look pretty cool

  2. Colder Soldier has no avatar! Colder Soldier says

    I'm thinking those Star Trek stactions will never hit retail.

    As they shouldn't.

  3. Leopow has no avatar! Leopow says

    Hope them heads come with Venom..oh man he looks awesome. I have been told that Hulk and Rhino come out in time for Christmas and will pick them up... really hope they hit the uk by then

  4. Yobuster has no avatar! Yobuster says

    Not bad those battle beasts minimates are looking better than ever. However compared to the Takara Beast Saga figures I'm still not too convinced. Guess i'll need to see those in hand first.

  5. FancyPants's Avatar FancyPants says

    I cannot wait for rhino and venom. That weird hulk looks cool too. I'm not 100% on nightcrawler, but he looks better than the ML version.

  6. Joe Moore's Avatar Joe Moore says

    Originally Posted by Wolvie Snikt View Post
    Can't wait for that Rhino
    You shouldn't have to wait long. the figure is due out this month.

  7. Wolvie Snikt's Avatar Wolvie Snikt says

    Cool! It was supposed to be released before new year I think but looks like its worth the wait.

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