ROBOT Damashii SIDE MS Aegis Gundam


Do you like enemy Gundams? Tamashii has released official images of their upcoming ROBOT Damashii SIDE MS Aegis Gundam from Gundam SEED! It is scheduled for release in January 2013 for 4,410 yen. ABS and PVC construction, stands approximately 130mm. Includes:

  • Beam Saber
  • Shield
  • Beam Rifle
  • Swappable hands
  • Swappable parts for transformation
The figure is able to transform into Mobile Armor mode. Check out new images after the jump!

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  1. avcprime's Avatar avcprime says

    I would appreciated if you guys also posted news about new gundam kits.

  2. Talisman's Avatar Talisman says

    Ten years ago they would have said something like the Aegis was impossible to put in toy form.

    I'm glad we're at the point that this is no longer true. I didn't particularly care for the Gundam, but I recognize awesome when I see it.

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