DX YF29 30th Anniversary Color Edition Colors Changed


Tamashii has posted their interview with Macross creator Kawamori Shoji. The focus of this interview, is what led Kawamori to alter the liveries for the upcoming DX YF29 Durandal 30th Anniversary Color release. Instead of orange trim, the production version will now sport yellow, and instead of translucent green, it will instead use translucent purple(to complement the yellow trim more).

In addition, Kawamori mentions that he originally intended for the 30th anniversary color DX YF29 to be released in all black. However, he cited reasons for changing his mind, such as how while it would be able to be seen in the atmosphere, in space combat, it would be hard to see. It also seems that the colors in battroid mode presented an additional challenge.

When asked who the pilot of this specific YF-29 is supposed to be(Alto flew the only YF-29 in the Macross Sayonara No Tsubasa Movie), Kawamori answered “It is a difficult problem, Ozma, Alto, or maybe someone new might have emerged…”. Comparison images showing the initial prototype and deco changes for final production can be seen after the jump.

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  1. nakobass's Avatar nakobass says

    The YF-29 is a masterpiece. I have the red version. This version is already sold out everywhere, and going for insane prices on ebay.

  2. Jmacq1 has no avatar! Jmacq1 says

    Yeah, the YF-29 is awesome. As for the pilot...looks like Ozma colors to me.

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