DX Soul Of Chogokin Mazinger Z


To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Mazinger Z and the 15th anniversary of the Soul Of Chogokin line, Tamashii Nations has made a special item; DX Soul Of Chogokin Mazinger Z! While trying to access the Tamashii site in the early morning hours in order to extract images, the site crashed. Without this super robot, subsequent anime robots and mecha would not be the same! Tamashii initially showed the announcement at Tokyo Toy Show 2012 via Ustream which you can see below:

Video streaming by Ustream

DX SOC Mazinger Z features the following:

  • Height(300mm) nearly double that of previous SOC figures
  • Split-armor plates included to enable display as a cut-away model
  • Light-sound gimmicks incorporated for the 1st time ever
  • Large-scale hangar base acts not only as a storage locker but also to display extra armor parts
Check out the newest SOC version of Mazinger Z after the jump!

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  1. Nitelife's Avatar Nitelife says

    oh man i want this. I remember watching the american version of the show Tranzor-Z and damnit i loved it!!!

  2. Shin Densetsu's Avatar Shin Densetsu says

    Originally Posted by cg76 View Post
    how much for this?

  3. Jason Abbadon's Avatar Jason Abbadon says

    Mkaes me pine for the old Shogun Warriors version I had a child.

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