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Hot Toys has revealed two Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Action Figures. They will be releasing both Naked Snake & The Boss.

Hot Toys is proud to present the 1/6th scale Naked Snake (Sneaking Suit Version) & The Boss Collectible Figures from the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater video game. The collectibles are specially crafted based on the image of Naked Snake in Sneaking Suit Version & The Boss in the video game, highlighting the newly developed head sculpt, highly detailed costume, accessories and weapons.

Read on to check out all of the images.

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  1. TheLoudMaster's Avatar TheLoudMaster says

    Well, there goes my life savings.

    Although the Boss herself never used the Davey Crockett, both of these figures are definitely going to be worth the price.

    Another excellent product from Hot Toys.

  2. yourfacehere's Avatar yourfacehere says

    ewww, the boss's chest looks so weird! Also ain't that big boss suit from peace walker?

    I hope they make hot toys grey fox at some point.

  3. bad karma's Avatar bad karma says

    These are both looking great. I'd like to see what The Boss looks like with her suit zipped up, I hate that open chested look. I also hate the $300 price each for these.

  4. Nitelife's Avatar Nitelife says

    WOAH!!!! 300 BUCKS?!!!! two words....F%$K THAT!!! the snake is okay lookin but i really think they over butched boss...she looks liek she got a sex change ata discount surgeon in guam or something. Plus whats up with the superman s? defintely NOT worth the ludicrous price!

  5. joebiscruml has no avatar! joebiscruml says

    I think they will only be $200 judging from other Hot Toys figure prices. Both look great but I'm not into Metal Gear enough to buy these.

  6. FancyPants's Avatar FancyPants says

    sign me up, I want to spend a lot of money for a girl (who looks like a dude) with a big scar across her chest.

    I am trying to convince my wife to let me get the 1989 movie Joker from HT though

  7. timisdeath2all's Avatar timisdeath2all says

    @Nitelife your 100 right on about boss, i was just saying the same stuff to my girl. snake I'm gonna buy cause I'm a huge MGS fan and it's a different version from medicom. I wish PlayArts make a boss Fig

  8. yourfacehere's Avatar yourfacehere says

    You know, they could've made her look 100% better, if they put in a solid sheet of rubber over the chest, that goes in when she crouches, would've streamlined the whole thing.

    Also snake gets a cardboard box, nice!

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