Ghostbusters Terror Dog Statue Released

The Ghostbusters Terr Dog Mini-Statue has been released. Art Asylum has the details:

Ghostbusters: Terror Dog Light-Up Mini-Statue

A Diamond Select Release! The hit Ghostbusters statue line continues with a fierce Terror Dog! Standing guard on the roof of 55 Central Park West in Manhattan for nearly 60 years, Zuul the Gatekeeper and Vinz Clortho the Keymaster awaited the return of their master, Gozer the Gozerian. When the time grew near, they shed their stone shells and descended into the building below to possess human hosts and bring about the end of the world at the hands of the Destructor. Luckily, the Ghostbusters were there to stop them! Standing 7″ tall with a Ghostbusters logo-adorned base, this statue will shine brightly in your room or office until Doomsday. (Stock up on batteries.) SRP: $70.00

Click the thumbnail for a larger pic.

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  1. behindthemask's Avatar behindthemask says

    $70 ain't bad, unfortunately I'd need to buy 2 if I were to buy these.

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