Mattel DCU 6 Inch and 6 Inch New 52 Figures @ Toy Fair 12


Check out DC Universe 6 Inch offerings coming in 2012, including looks at the New 52 Flash, Superman and Supergirl (in black). The DC Universe All Stars line will feature a mix of new characters, new versions of heavy hitters that have been in demand, as well as classics that were difficult to obtain in the past(Batman Beyond). The showing at Toy Fair was sparse, as companies are holding more comic related toys back for SDCC, but the New 52 figures are still worth checking out. See them in high res after the jump!

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  1. vincheng2k5's Avatar vincheng2k5 says

    Am I the only one who thinks that Superman figure is way too broad-chested? This seems to be a problem with a lot of DCU figures. There's a difference between looking strong and muscular and just looking like they jacked up on steroids to get big. These figures tend towards the latter.

    The Flash's build is more reasonable. Still too much muscle, but more reasonable.

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