Toy Fair 2012 – Voltron


Check out a bunch of photos of Mattel’s Voltron toys that were on display at Toy Fair 2012. Check out images of the Lions and pilots, in and out of their packaging! No sign of Voltron Force.

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  1. MegaPrime33's Avatar MegaPrime33 says

    Not a fan of this one. Looks like soft plastic, very plain, no wow factor, other than maybe it's size.

  2. Snowflakian's Avatar Snowflakian says

    Still no news on the new voltron from the new cartoon. =/ That kind of sucks. I'd love to add a 6'' version of it to my collection instead of trying to hunt down the 6'' stealth voltron figure.

  3. nomad1632's Avatar nomad1632 says

    when are we seeing the new shows lions I mean this is the same stuff we saw early last year plus their lame.

  4. Crazy Jetty's Avatar Crazy Jetty says

    Originally Posted by nomad1632 View Post
    when are we seeing the new shows lions I mean this is the same stuff we saw early last year plus their lame.
    I agree. I was more impressed with Mattel's work on those, than I am with this guy.
    Too blocky, and the effort into the automorph gimmick kills a lot of potential articulation the individual lions could have had.

  5. Primehunter has no avatar! Primehunter says

    I was willing to forgive the campy gimmick, bad color choices, and odd lion feet transformation but screwing up Voltrons face is unforgivable. I think I will sell off the lions, keep the figures, and display them next to my Toynami version.

  6. thechris has no avatar! thechris says

    I subbed and will reserve my opinion for when I actually have the first delivery in my hands.

  7. trebleshot's Avatar trebleshot says

    Man, Voltron looks chubby.

    Pass. I'm happy with my Trendmasters version.

  8. thechris has no avatar! thechris says

    Although I will say I am glad that the Blazing Sword Voltron was not a Subscription item because I definitely didn't want that. Just seems like a pointless thing to have when I'll have a 2 ft tall one.

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