Toy Fair 2012 – DC Direct Figures and More


Here are photos of DC Direct‘s action figures and such that were on display at Toy Fair 2012. Included are the Batman: Arkham City figures.

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  1. Dragonclaw has no avatar! Dragonclaw says

    Got my hopes up way too high on Harley....just not feeling this wave of releases...

  2. xhavoc86's Avatar xhavoc86 says

    i LOVE that Justice League 4 cover with Aquaman on it, he's sooooo awesome!

    i cannot wait for the justice league new 52 figures!

  3. Solrac333 has no avatar! Solrac333 says

    Just once, I'd like to find and buy one of those Arkham Batmans.

  4. Blanka has no avatar! Blanka says

    I'm a little bothered--no Arkham City Croc, Titan Joker, news of wave 4, nothing.

  5. Jlogano20's Avatar Jlogano20 says

    man those arkham city figures look sweet

    though something seems off with azreal

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