Bif Bang Pow Dexter 2012 Action Figures


Check out some new pics of Dexter figs from Bif Bang Pow. Included are the 8 inch Mego like, the 6 inch (coming back into print), and the new 4 Inch Dark Harbinger. And, a bobble head. Pics after the break.

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  1. JonnyVu's Avatar JonnyVu says

    I got the 6inch dex and bobble for a xmas present awhiles back. They look the same in different scale. The face doesn't really look like Michael C hall.
    I would love to see Hot toys do a Dexter Figure.

  2. Prem1x's Avatar Prem1x says

    So BBP did not have the 4" venture Bros figures on display? Did they get officially canceled?

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