New Lord of the Rings Lego Images


Wired has posted images of a bunch of the upcoming Lego Lord of the Rings minifigs. They have also revealed a sweet movie style Lego Gollum poster. Here’s who is included:

– Legolas

– Boromir

– Aragon

– Gandalf the Grey

– Pippin

– Merry

– Frodo

– Samwise Gamgee

– Gimli

– Uruk-hai

– Gollum

– Ringwraith

– Moria Orc

– Mordor Orc

Click the headline of the story for all of the images.

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  1. Saint Phe's Avatar Saint Phe says

    Nice. I've never owned one of those mini-mini-figures that they're using for the hobbits. Are the legs articulated?

  2. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    Looks like some good reuse of old parts, and a healthy dose of new ones. The elf/orc hair&ear piece is going to be nice. I do find it odd that they made a new beard piece for Gandalf, as I was expecting them to just continue to use the beard they've been using for quite a while.

    Golem is absolutely hilarious. If he's in a cheap set, I'll get it. If nothing else, he'd make for a good pre-new-body Voldemort for my Harry Potter Legos.

    While I like that they take the opportunity to pose them like this while using the CG renders, it's sad to know that you'll never be able to get Legolas to hold his bow&arrow like that...

    Originally Posted by Saint Phe View Post
    Nice. I've never owned one of those mini-mini-figures that they're using for the hobbits. Are the legs articulated?
    Unfortunately, they are not...

  3. trebleshot's Avatar trebleshot says

    If they put out a Fellowship boxed set (just the minifigs), then I might pick it up. And if it's a small set, I'd pick up Gollum too.

    Otherwise, I will unfortunately have to pass. Not nearly enough room for me to do them justice. It's the same reason I don't buy Star Wars Legos anymore.

  4. jestermon has no avatar! jestermon says

    Got to say it the 3-D is geting tiresome on these ads, really would dissapoint a child that thought they could do the poses.

    I'm going to say it again, wish Mega could have got these and we could have figures that could pose like this, I'm not sure about the bow shooting pose but it would definately be closer than Lego's figures.

  5. Paxtin's Avatar Paxtin says

    Never really caught the Lego mini figure bug.

    The fact that they are now using fake CG models to make them look like they're more articulated then they really are is making me actually start to hate them a little.

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