New Tamashii Nations SH Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Poll

Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA has put up a new poll on Facebook:

On the last action packed episode of DBZ S.H. Figuarts, you voted for SS Vegeta and Trunks. Who will you pick next?

  • Cell (Perfect Form)
  • Frieza (Final Form)
  • Goku (Normal Hair)
  • Krillin
  • Great Saiyaman
  • Android 18
  • Vegeta (1st Saiyan Armor)
So have at it Toyark, who will you pick next for Dragon Ball Z SH Figuarts?

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  1. Tiberius's Avatar Tiberius says

    Omg thats not even fair. I would be happy with Cell or Great Saiyaman.

  2. theestampede has no avatar! theestampede says

    regular goku please. Should be a priority release over any of the others imo.

  3. Tiberius's Avatar Tiberius says

    What would be cool is a Kid Goku with Flying Nimbus and his extenda stick thing. I'm sure they will at some point, it would be a SDCC exclusive though. Watch it happen.

  4. ElekTriC has no avatar! ElekTriC says

    pls give us cell!! would be perfect with the line-up we have right now!!

  5. yourfacehere's Avatar yourfacehere says

    If i don't need to do anything other than post to cast my vote I vote for Vegeta with his first armor AND HIS SCOUTER.

    I think it'd be a sound call, considering it spawned a meme, especially if you can take it off and have a crushing scouter hand.

    It's the only figure I've ever wanted, too bad they never made it in 3.75 scale.

  6. jestermon has no avatar! jestermon says

    Needs to be a saiyan in ape form with detachable saiyan armor.

    With some tiny buildings to stomp.

  7. Galactus's Avatar Galactus says


    .....then let us have a normal haired Goku, but Cell first!

  8. M3T4L V1KING's Avatar M3T4L V1KING says

    Seems like Cell is winning right now with around 140 votes. And Vegeta is in second with around 115 votes. And Krillin is in third with around 110 votes.

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