New Revoltech Photos Hellsing’s Alucard


Kaiyodo has shown off a new Revoltech figure. The Cybergundam Blog has posted new photos showing Alucard, the lead character from the anime series Hellsing. The figure is expected to be released in January 2012. You can pre-order the figure from sponsor Big Bad Toy Store by clicking Here.

Click the headline of the story for all of the images.

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  1. LXL_Guy's Avatar LXL_Guy says

    I didn't even know Alucard was being made. Looks pretty solid as you can probably get a good amount of action shots due to the tails of his coat. Gotta tell my buddy now since he just loves that Hellsing.

  2. Darkspeed's Avatar Darkspeed says

    Oh YES! I love Hellsing, it's one of the most ridiculously entertaining series out there, and the characters are so OTT. Now I know a Revoltech is on the way, I'm definitely up for this!

  3. pud333's Avatar pud333 says

    Does not look good to me. I find the sculpts for clothing for Revoltech toys seem to be utter failures.

  4. metalalchemist has no avatar! metalalchemist says

    Ive been waiting for this guy for quite a while, just yesterday I was looking at his pictures.
    These look really good, thanks. Not paying BBTS price though...

  5. Talisman's Avatar Talisman says

    My lady will be pleased.

    I, on the other hand, will ache from this.

  6. Darkspeed's Avatar Darkspeed says

    Awesome, thanks for posting these up! I think my only complaint about this is that the red on his overcoat is just a little too dark - I'd have preferred it a a bit more vibrant, from a distance it looks black. But still, a fantastic figure!

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