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Toyark was there at Hasbro’s New York Comic-Con 2011 Preview Event. Check out some pics of The Avengers figures that were on hand. They appear to be showing both 3.75″ and 6″ figures, waiting on confirmation from the Toyark team at the event.

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  1. Joe Moore's Avatar Joe Moore says

    Originally Posted by Do Boy View Post
    Are those 6" Figures or 3.75"?
    Both I believe.

  2. KshatriyaNZ666's Avatar KshatriyaNZ666 says

    Probably just me, but only Loki & Iron Man seem to be the only ones that look any good....

  3. M3T4L V1KING's Avatar M3T4L V1KING says

    3,75" figures look crappy. Iron man looks decent but that's it. 6" figures look decent though. Hawkeye could be a bit better...

  4. Joe Moore's Avatar Joe Moore says

    Originally Posted by bmorr View Post
    noooooooo. wheres THE COMIC SERIES figs.
    This was just a preview event. Likely be more during the main show and panels this week. If they appear, we'll get pics up.

  5. mikefavata's Avatar mikefavata says

    Those Avengers figures look awful. If they have comic figures and they look like that... ball dropped Hasbro.

  6. perrych's Avatar perrych says

    What happened to articulation for the Avengers figures? That Loki looks good but stupid 6" scale

  7. Paxtin's Avatar Paxtin says

    I donít know if itís just me, but they all kind a look like they have fat heads. Like the proportions are off.

  8. ludovicotek's Avatar ludovicotek says

    So completely underwhelming. Black Widow looks pretty good, and Iron Man looks good, but what the hell happened to Hawkeye? His noggin is huge!!!! And something that has been bothering the hell out of me, the design of his outfit, specifically the upper portion, looks exactly like the Asgardian armors from Thor. That's really dumb IMO.

    The 6" figures look pretty good but I won't be buying those. Meh...

  9. ludovicotek's Avatar ludovicotek says

    ^ Really? I think she's the best of the 3.75" figures shown. Well, Iron Man, obviously. But I'm burnt out on him.

  10. Fortune's Avatar Fortune says

    Easy passes all around. I keep almost liking the hawkeye and cap (6inch) but not there yet. If ever

  11. omega145's Avatar omega145 says

    Loki looks ok or maybe even very good, rest look like trashy Thor figures.

  12. MeLikeJinx has no avatar! MeLikeJinx says

    Yikes. Hawkeye looks totally like Duke Nukem... guess I gotta hold out for a possible Avengers Light UP Stand wave 2 version.

    And with a headswap Black Widow would look pretty decent I bet.

  13. snakeeyes566 has no avatar! snakeeyes566 says

    Looks pretty cool to me. And u can also tell that although MU is getting quantity, ML is getting quality.

  14. AndyCR75's Avatar AndyCR75 says

    Originally Posted by omega145 View Post
    Loki looks ok or maybe even very good, rest look like trashy Thor figures.
    Eric how you been

  15. jjk1120's Avatar jjk1120 says

    Wow, these figures are awful. They look like cheap knock offs...

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