Lego Marvel and DC Figures From SDCC


Check out the first Lego Marvel and DC Universe figures from San Diego Comic-Con 2011.

Click the headline of the story for the photos.

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  1. brianregan09's Avatar brianregan09 says

    These look great are they better than the megablocks ones though ? i don't know

  2. Mr_K has no avatar! Mr_K says

    So Lego is trying for Batman again....hopefully with these and the dark knight rises sets, batman will be more well received over the last attempts

  3. theestampede has no avatar! theestampede says

    that ironman is somewhat disappointing as is cap. Wish they had made IM's helmet smaller and simpler and I'd like caps mask to be removable.

  4. CryoPrime's Avatar CryoPrime says

    Are these official? The one's that aren't repaints of the old Batman Legos have crappy stickers on them. What's the info on these?

  5. Snowflakian's Avatar Snowflakian says

    I love the premise, but kind of wish they went more towards squadies.

    Not feeling the mini-figures over megabloks. I do hope this means good news for a Marvel Lego Universe game though! Loved Batman Lego, would have loved GL Lego too.

    I don't know, I need to see the sets first, but so far the minifigures do nothing for me. Hero Factory might get my interest, but not seeing that happening either. I like the Joe Scale. Now, if they toss in a hero factory massive sentinel, among other marvel celestial oddities, I'll be all over it!

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