Halo Reach Series 3 Figures Revealed


McFarlane Toys has revealed some new Halo: Reach toys. Series 3 will contain new single carded figures, 2-packs as well as some new vehicle attachments. The items are due to hit stores later this month.

For a full breakdown of all the toys, as well as a ton of photos , click the headline of the story.

A Full Line of Figures and Vehicle Upgrades are Marching onto the Shelves
April 08, 2011
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Halo: Reach Series 3 is finally here and ready to do battle. Make sure you stretch before racing out to the stores to nab these hot items. Now before you pull a hammy, we would like to give you a quick refresher on all of the third series Halo: Reach action figures and vehicles in stores this month!

Halo: Reach Series 3 is available at major retailers worldwide, including Walmart, Target, Toys “R” Us, GameStop, K-Mart, and many more. Each Halo: Reach action figure features around 20 points of articulation, weapons, and all the amazing detail McFarlane Toys is famous for. Also in this series, we are featuring figures each available exclusively at either Toys ‘R’ Us and GameStop.

Halo: Reach Series 3 consists of an even more expanded lineup of single-packed action figures, two-pack action figure boxed sets, and in-scale boxed vehicles.

Individual Carded Figures
Halo: Reach Series 3 features Jun “” the rock-solid sniper from Noble Team; ODST Jetpack Trooper; Elite Spec Ops; Grunt Heavy; and a squad of Spartan soldiers to fill out your Halo arsenal.

JUN with Sniper Rifle and Frag Grenade
ODST JETPACK TROOPER with Jetpack and Magnum
ELITE SPEC OPS with Energy Sword and Plasma Grenade
GRUNT HEAVY with Plasma Pistol and Plasma Grenade
SPARTAN MILITARY POLICE CUSTOM (male) (team blue) with Military Police helmet, Gungnir shoulder, Recon shoulder and chest, DMR, and Frag Grenade
SPARTAN AIR ASSAULT (female) (rose/rose) with Air Assault helmet, FJ/Para kneeguards, Assault Rifle, and Frag Grenade
SPARTAN JFO (male) (rust/rust) with custom blue visor, matching JFO shoulders, Assault Rifle and Frag Grenade. Exclusive to Toys “R” Us
SPARTAN OPERATOR (male) (steel/steel) with the base Operator helmet with Command Network Module, matching Operator shoulders, Assault Rifle and Frag Grenade. Exclusive to GameStop
SPARTAN MILITARY POLICE CUSTOM (male) (brown/forest) with Military Police helmet, Gungnir shoulder, Recon shoulder and chest, Shotgun, and Frag Grenade. Exclusive to Target

Do your figures get lonely? Well we have applied the buddy rule with these boxed figure 2-packs. Series 3 includes jet-packing Elites from the Covenant Airborne; Spartan Loadouts in classic team colors; and a pack of UNSC Medic and Radio Trooper Support Staff.

COVENANT AIRBORNE 2-PACK with Elite Jetpacks, Plasma Rifle, Concussion Rifle, and two Plasma Grenades
SPARTAN LOADOUTS: GRENADIER & EXPERT MARKSMAN 2-PACK with Grenade Launcher, Assault Rifle, DMR, Magnum, and four Frag Grenades
UNSC TROOPER SUPPORT STAFF 2-PACK with the standard Magnum sidearm, communications gear, and Shotgun

Vehicle Upgrade Packs
Deck out your UNSC M12 FAV “Warthog” with new interchangeable gun turrets. While the base model is equipped with the Light Anti-Aircraft Gun, less common variants include Warthogs with Gauss Cannons, or, new to Halo: Reach, Warthogs with the MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System.


Collectors and retailers should definitely keep a lookout for these highly-demanded items, because Halo: Reach Series 3 is going to sell like hotcakes”¦ And everyone loves hotcakes!

Ready, Set, Go collect them all!’

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