More Halo Minimates and Warthogs Revealed


After revealing the excellent looking Halo Minimates, we can now thank Art Asylum for sharing more Halo goodness. Announced were new Halo Minimates Warthogs as well as a Halo Minimates 4-Pack. Here’s the breakdown:


– Halo Minimates M12 Warthog LRV Green (Toys “R” Us)

– Halo Minimates M12 Warthog LRV Dirty (Specialty Stores)

Minimates 4-Pack

– Master Chief

– USNC Marine 2

– Elite Assault Armor (Cobalt)

– Spartan Scout (White)

See photos of all of the new Halo Minimates by clicking the headline of the story.

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  1. scarecrow's Avatar scarecrow says

    These look pretty cool. I'd probably pick up the Jorge and Six pack.

    Although I have to say it's odd they have an active camo ODST before a regular one.

  2. SPLIT LIP's Avatar SPLIT LIP says

    Awww, the Arbiter is adorable. But how come he didn't get a gun or sword?

  3. theestampede has no avatar! theestampede says

    it seems they are trying to give these things too much detail, which makes the sculpts look a little odd. Making the sculpts smoother with sharper lines would have probably worked better for the minimate style.

    That being said I will probably grab a couple of these, the warthog looks quite cool. It says it holds 6 figs, not sure where they would go though as they only hold 3 people in the game.

  4. Ravenxl7's Avatar Ravenxl7 says

    These are actually looking pretty cool. Not sure I'll get any, as I've never had any luck finding TRU exclusives, lol, but I wouldn't mind getting that hog and the Jorge figure. Might put them on my Christmas list, lol. Any idea when these are being released?

    Originally Posted by SPLIT LIP View Post
    Awww, the Arbiter is adorable. But how come he didn't get a gun or sword?
    While it isn't featured in any of the pictures, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they did give him a sword. If you look at the packaged picture of him and the Chief, it looks as though there might be a spot to hold a sword (looks sorta like the shape of the sword to me anyways).

    Edit: Just looked at it again, and noticed that he does come with a sword. It seems to have came out of the designated spot. You can see it below the Arbiter, sitting on the bottom of the bubble.

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