Macross DX Koenig Monster And VF HI METAL Blazer Valk


Amiblo has posted new images of the DX Koenig Monster from the Robot Damashii line by Bandai. Information for the upcoming Destroid is provided by 2005 boards member rizuan76:

They are the exclusive features only available to the first lot/production of this figure. (Not sure how many times this kind of toys are produced though?):

  • 1: Cheryl (?) art printed on the nose (sharktooth is to be tampoed)
  • 2: Display base shaped like “Island 1” dome to re-create a scene from the movie
  • 3: Cheryl decoration stickers to personalise the figure.
  • 4: Special item set (Mission code: Galactic Fairy), Cheryl’s black credit card (pictured) and S.M.S. mission document
  • 5: Clear sleeve packaging w/glitters (both side displayable)
More images of the Koenig Monster and also the VF HI METAL VF-19S Blazer Valkyrie have also been posted by AkibaHOBBY. Click on the title bar to see them all!

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  1. firmpulse's Avatar firmpulse says

    looking good, but does it require the stand for gerwalk mode? that's a bummer if so

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