Hasbro Star Wars 2010 Q/A Round 5 Answers

The Toyark has just received our answers for the 2010 Round 5 Star Wars Q&A sessions by Hasbro:

1) Why have Battle Packs never been packed with DVD’s?

A)Our DVD program has been focused on pack-ins for role play, such as “greatest lightsaber battles” since this can often be an extra plus up for consumers who haven’t yet gotten a lightsaber and help expand our promotional window. The intention of Battle Packs is to showcase figure value, and DVDs would add cost that would cause us problems with this model. There are some things brewing though where we will use DVDs in conjuction with figures, but those details are under wraps.

2) Are vehicles from games such as “Shadows of the Empire” such as Dash Rendar’s Outrider off limits for the Star Wars Transformers Crossovers line?

A) Yes, since our research shows that the Transformers Crossovers line is almost universally bought by kids. Vehicles like the Outrides, as cool as they are, have no relevancy to kids who base their selection on familiarity with the characters and vehicles from the movies or Clone Wars.

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  1. cterra5 has no avatar! cterra5 says

    Will we ever see an Pantorans in the Clone Wars line? Hasbro has already made several action figures from the episode they appear in, and Senator Chuchi has appeared in several other Clone Wars episodes.

  2. nomad1632's Avatar nomad1632 says

    In the transformers crossover series is there a chance to see Dash Rendar's Outrider and the Rogue Shadow from the force unleashed game? Ive attached some images of the Iconic ships and I think would be a great addition to the series and would look great next to my twilight!!

  3. CyberScream95's Avatar CyberScream95 says

    Are you planning to replace the movie line with an animated style like Clone Wars, or continue to repaint/reissue the same molds?

    Is there a reason why DVD packs haven't come to the Star Wars line?

    Anymore Mighty Muggs in the works?

  4. Lucas's Avatar Lucas says

    Will the Sandcrawler ever get the Millennium Falcon and AT-AT treatment?

  5. darth smave has no avatar! darth smave says

    The footage from Toy Fair had an awesome Vader funeral pyre set with Luke and a torch. Is this piece going to be produced? If so could you elaborate on the specifics?

  6. Squawktalk has no avatar! Squawktalk says

    Is the build-a-droid line going to be discontinued in the coming year?

  7. 1337W422102's Avatar 1337W422102 says

    The Empire Strikes Back anniversary line is shaping up to be very exciting: new figures on classic cardbacks, Boba Fett mail-in, new AT-AT... Will there be a similar anniversary lines for other milestones in Star Wars history (Return of the Jedi, Shadows of the Empire, Episode I, etc)?

  8. Squawktalk has no avatar! Squawktalk says

    Is the Extended Universe Wave of the legacy collection only a limited release?
    I really want these figures and scalpers have made it to all of the toysrus-s in my area(the surrounding 30 miles in either direction)

  9. Aussietrooper's Avatar Aussietrooper says

    I remember seeing a prototype of the Xanadu Blood and the Droid Gunship. will they be sold this year?Also have you thought of releasing the clone wars red markings Y-Wing Starfighter?

  10. Shin Densetsu's Avatar Shin Densetsu says

    Originally Posted by Aussietrooper View Post
    I remember seeing a prototype of the Xanadu Blood and the Droid Gunship. will they be sold this year?Also have you thought of releasing the clone wars red markings Y-Wing Starfighter?
    Xanadu Blood and Droid Gunship are from wave 2 in the new packaging I think.

  11. yodaaz has no avatar! yodaaz says

    Im a huge fan of the clone wars...well mainly clone troopers....and clone commandos...when oh when will we see new clone commando figures? oh how i wish for new clone commando figures!

  12. themadbubbler has no avatar! themadbubbler says

    I would REALLY like to see the Vader funeral pyre set made. It's such an iconic scene, you'd think SOME retailer out there woudl pick it up- what about Entertainment Earth? It's better than many of the exclusives they've done.

  13. M3T4L V1KING's Avatar M3T4L V1KING says

    How much more of the Expanded Universe are going to show up in figure form? With characters like Bastila Shan and Nom Anor coming up, can we expect more single carded/comic pack versions of expanded universe characters?

  14. Shin Densetsu's Avatar Shin Densetsu says

    Sorry folks, but we are no longer participating in the Star Wars Q&A

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