Hasbro’s April Star Wars Q&A Answers for Toyark.com

Toyark.com: Is there a possibility of re-issuing vintage versions of the Kenner Star Wars figures similar to what has been done with Transformers Generation 1?

Hasbro: This is something we have looked at in the past, but have decided not to go here. From our past research with fans, this seems to be more of a niche interest as the current figure aesthetic is much more interesting to the majority of fans. Given the limited number of items and focus we need to put on the line, we will not be pursuing this beyond the mail-in Boba Fett figure.

Toyark.com: What does the future hold for miniature scaled Star Wars vehicles like the Action Fleet and Titanium lines?

Hasbro: We have a lot of love for Titanium still and hope that it will return one day. We do think the “play pattern” of collectability and display in the metal format is still relevant, but it’s a question of priorities. Action Fleet is a little bit of a different beast, because the miniature figure/vehicle play pattern that it was founded upon isn’t a popular play pattern among kids right now, and to relaunch it would need to have a new approach. If and when it returned, it probably would not be the same Action Fleet that some fans know and love for those reasons.

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