Kotobukiya 1/144 Personlichkeit from SRW: OGs


Kotobukiya have revealed built photos of their next model kit in the Super Robot Wars product line: The Personlichkeit from the PS2 game Super Robot Wars: OGS.

Like the other models in the line, the Personlichkeit will be snap fit with full color separation to create a look as accurate to the on-screen version as possible without the use of paint or glue.

For accessories, the Personlichkeit will have an alternate “snarling” face, revealing its bio-mechanical alien origins, as well as its two “familiars” which mount onto the model through the use of clear supporting rods.

This kit is slated for release in June 2009 and will retail for 5,775 yen.

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  1. QuinJester's Avatar QuinJester says

    News Post

    ... or to get a little less tongue tied, simply "Lichkeit".

    Kotobukiya is rolling on with the Super Robot Wars model kits, and continue the recent trend of doing the more oddball, unlikely mecha.

    Apparently the name of this mecha means "Personality" in German. It definitely has personality. I believe its personality says "I'm going to eat you".

    Alfimi in action:
    YouTube - PS2 SRW OGS Alfimi Lichkeit
    The bit where she summons the ogre familiars and stabs the crap out of R-2 is almost excessively brutal.

    MSRP: 5,775 yen
    Release: June 2009

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