G.I. Joe Rise Of Cobra M.A.R.S. Base IG/Viper Set


ToyArk.com has just received new Images of upcoming G.I. Joe Movie: Rise of Cobra Figures. The new set seems to be a IG/Viper 3 Pack with a M.A.R.S. Playset background. This set has not been Officially named and the contents of this set are subject to change.

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  1. HongKongPhooey's Avatar HongKongPhooey says

    This is new set for GIJOE movie type. 3 viper set. For you in 09 many more to come very nice sets.

  2. DESTRO's Avatar DESTRO says

    Originally Posted by Syn3sthesia View Post
    This set looks cool!
    This set is going to change a lot of minds about Movie Toys!

  3. M0NEY-B's Avatar M0NEY-B says


    I'm in and man does it pay to keep an open mind.
    Please post the pre-order info when it becomes available,

  4. topnotch97's Avatar topnotch97 says

    hmmm... i'm trying to think that it might be a lot cooler. but let's see.

    not gonna rush on these. but let's hope Hasbro produces a good number, rather than expect it not to see `em on shelves a lot.

    and please hasbro.... absolutely NO exclusives.

  5. Optimus Scourge's Avatar Optimus Scourge says

    Yeah, I had not decided one way or another about movie figs, until I had seen them, these look really good.

  6. trebleshot's Avatar trebleshot says

    Looks very promising.

    Originally Posted by sharke View Post
    did they steal those guns from Starship Troopers?
    They do look a little out of scale, don't they? At least the soldiers' rifles. The officer's looks a lot better.

    Originally Posted by deceptifocus View Post
    digging that officer fig for sure

  7. Flint's Avatar Flint says

    Wow! Those are awesome. Looks like they will integrate nicely into the collection.

  8. cryotek has no avatar! cryotek says

    Damn. Im impressed with this set. I might start collecting more from this line.

  9. SportingBot's Avatar SportingBot says

    Not great but not bad either. The black and red paint is too glossy and the weapons are horrible. The best thing in the set is the background playset.
    If this is how the IGs look in the movie then they're not gonna look to bad on screen unlike the Hancock looking Joes.

  10. Shin Densetsu's Avatar Shin Densetsu says

    I'm impressed, the more IGs the better and I had no idea these guys were going to showup in the movie toy line. If this is a set similar to the Evolutions sets, I am all for it, reminds me of the Senior Ranking Officer sets too.

  11. darthdoug's Avatar darthdoug says

    I'm not impressed. We're already getting the "Clone Trooper" molds that will just be copied and repainted over and over. I thought HASBRO would rope us in first then repaint everything. I see they're going right for the repaints.

  12. AutobotAssassin's Avatar AutobotAssassin says

    Doesn't change my mind about them. Those god awful red masks looks like something they stole from the Shredder from TMNT. The one in all black doesn't look too bad but I will have to see in hand. Maybe he would make a good gunner or vehicle driver in my ARAH collection. I'm just not digging this whole reinvention/future sci-fi vibe they're going for. I guess they didn't learn from Marvel's mistakes. Here's hoping for a reboot in 5-6 years.

  13. Da_Last_2_Walk's Avatar Da_Last_2_Walk says

    Cool figures, I wonder what the packaging will look like?

  14. pussee36 has no avatar! pussee36 says

    there alright for now i hope the final product comes with a smaller riffle i might get them i hope the package look as good as the figures

  15. Action Typist has no avatar! Action Typist says

    Dear ToyArk.com,

    In a recent post by DESTRO, he alleged that "ToyArk.com has just received new Images of upcoming G.I. Joe Movie: Rise of Cobra Figures." However, the images that were posted were not G.I. Joes. While the figures look very sharp, they appear to be mersh for the old Rainbow Six video game, not any movie about G.I. Joe. There is no flocked hair. There is no kung-fu grip. The Adventure Team logo is nowhere to be found. And those rifles look way too destructive to bag a White Tiger or a Pygmy Gorilla. They don't even look like they're made by Hasbro.

    I realize that one should not expect perfection when posts are made by unpaid volunteers, but, in the future, I would appreciate that if readers are promised pics of new G.I. Joe action figures, they receive pics of new G.I. Joe action figures.


  16. trebleshot's Avatar trebleshot says

    I have to say that is one of the most original (and long-winded) ways of saying "I don't like it" that I've ever read.

    If the movie toys aren't your thing, there's always the 25th series.

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