DC Universe & Justice League Action Figure Stands


Mattel is now offering Stands for DC Universe Justice League and DC Universe Classics. Each stand was created to hold a figure one of three ways in order to be compatible with as many characters. Keep in mind not every figure will work on the stands, and larger characters like Solomon Grundy won’t need a stand at all!

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  1. ErechOveraker has no avatar! ErechOveraker says

    Hmm, might have to pick these up. Or some other cheaper alternative - my DCU Wonder Woman has taken a dive twice off the new shelves, damn skinny ankled wench!

  2. Nightwing's Avatar Nightwing says

    I wanted to get these stands for my DC Universe Classics figures when I first saw them, but I couldn't figure out how they were going to "stick" to the stands. I was checking my DC Superheroes figures when I noticed that they do not have any peg holes in on the bottom of their feet. When I finally opened up my first DC Universe Classics figure, which just happened to be Nightwing, I noticed that this new DC toy line does in fact come with peg holes. Well that's pretty cool. I'm happy that Mattel did this for these new figures. My only complaint now is that the stands will not work with the older DC Superheroes line unless I drill holes into the bottom of their feet.

  3. Flint's Avatar Flint says

    I really need to pick the JLU ones up. The blue tack/GI Joe combo I'm using now isn't really working that well. I like the fact they designed them to work for all the different body styles.

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