Darth Vader Life Size Vintage Monument 1

Check out two new Star Wars items coming from Gentle Giant. The first reveal is for a Star Wars: Rebels – Ezra with Chopper Maquette. It’s a 1/8 scale statue that will sell for $120. Also revealed is a Life Size Kenner Darth Vader Monument. This over six foot tall statue is based on the original Kenner figure that was digitally scanned to reproduce it exactly. This will sell for $2,600.

Both items are due for a first quarter 2015 release. Read for the images and much more info.

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SH Figuarts Sailor Venus 1

Bluefin Tamashii Nations has announced that the S.H. Figuarts Sailor Venus will be released on April 19th in Japan. On the same day, they Life Size PROPLICA Moon Stick will be released as well. The Moon Stick will be coming to North America in May. Check out the images and info after the jump.

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RAH Kick Ass 004

Medicom has released new images and info for their upcoming Real Action Hero (RAH) Kick-Ass Figure. The 12″ scale fully articulated figure features a cloth outfit, a newly designed body, and his trademark club weapons. Kick-Ass joins the previously released RAH Hit Girl. The RAH Kick-Ass is due out February 14th, 2015 and will have a suggested price of 20,520 Yen, which is about $200 USD.

Read on for the images.

DC Comics Designer Series Greg Capullo Batman Thrasher Armor Action Figure

DC Collectibles has posted images and info for their Batman themed products for 2014. We’ve seen many of these before, but there are definitely a few killer looking surprises to check out. Included in the update are the following:

  • Batman 75th Anniversary Action Figure 4-Pack
  • Batman: Arkham City – Mr. Freeze Statue
  • Batman Black and White: Zombie Batman Statue
  • DC Comics Designer Series: Greg Capullo Batman Thrasher Armor Action Figure
  • DC Comics Designer Series: Greg Capullo Red Hood Action Figure
  • DC Comics Designer Series: Greg Capullo Mr. Freeze Action Figure
  • DC Comics Designer Series: Greg Capullo Catwoman Action Figure
  • The New Adventures of Batman: Batman Action Figure
  • Batman The Animated Series: Catwoman Action Figure
  • Infinite Crisis: Pajama Party Harley Quinn Action Figure
  • Infinite Crisis: Atomic Poison Ivy Action Figure
  • Infinite Crisis: Renaissance Batman Action Figure
  • Son of Batman: Batman Action Figure
  • Son of Batman: Robin Action Figure
  • Batman Black and White: Batman Statue by Michael Turner
  • Batman Black and White: The Joker Statue by Dick Sprang

Read on for the photos and much more info.

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Poison Ivy Green With Envy Statue Preview

Sideshow has posted a preview for an upcoming Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure. The Poison Ivy “Green With Envy” 1/4 Scale Statue is a repaint of their Poison Ivy Premium Format Figure from last year. Pre-orders go live April 24. We’ll have more as it becomes available. You can see the preview image by reading on.

Incredible Hulk Statue Preview

Sideshow has posted a preview of their upcoming Incredible Hulk Premium Format Figure. We previously got a quick glimpse of the Hulk Statue in March. The statue is part of a series of Hulk statues from Sideshow. It is being joined by both a Red Hulk and a Gray Hulk. Pre-orders for theĀ Incredible Hulk Premium Format Figure go live on April 24th. Expect a full gallery sometime next week.

Read on for the preview.

Ultimate Freddy Krueger 1

NECA has tweeted out a couple pics showing off an all new Freddy Krueger figure. The new figure, dubbed Ultimate Freddy Krueger, is being released to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the original A Nightmare On Elm Street. It features, for the first time from NECA, fully articulated legs! Freddy will also include multiple head sculpts, Tina’s skinned face, and Nancy’s “I’m your boyfriend now” telephone.

The photo was a bit too dark, so I lightened it up a bit. No word yet on release date or price. Check it out after the jump.

Boss Fight There Are No Limits

Boss Fight Studio has a potentially interesting proposal for fans. They are asking if there is real interest in doing a pack of 300 figures. It would, hypothetically, contain King Leonidas and 299 Spartans. Here’s what they posted:

Just out of curiosity and making absolutely no promises, we’ve received several inquiries about a pack of 300 Spartans (possibly 1 Leonidas and 299 Spartans). How many people would SERIOUSLY consider buying an option like this at a slight discount over buying them individually? They could be moderately less-expensive because they wouldn’t have to be individually packaged. It’s been brought up a lot, but mostly in jest, so we’re trying to gauge ACTUAL interest in a mega-pack like this. For this hypothetical situation, assume that the figures, individually, would cost somewhere from $15 – $25.

Now, they do understand that the possibility of something like this is almost zero. However, they got so many requests at JoeCon that they wanted to gauge if fans actually would be willing to shell out for this. Here are a few more quotes:

This would not be a wide release of any kind and probably a pre-order so that we could package as needed, we aren’t naive. The reality of it just seems like such a huge leap, so we were surprised just how many people brought it up over the weekend.


I, personally, think it sounds like a *fun* idea that everyone would love, but no one would buy… but we were curious at how much conversation there was.


Ha! That’s why we’re asking. It keeps coming up, but the *reality* of buying that many seems like a stretch to even us.

What say you? Is there real interest in something like this? Sound of in the comments.

The Rocketeer ReAction Figure

Funko has sent out a new press release for some upcoming figures. Included are the following:

ReAction 3.75″ Figures

  • The Rocketter

Disney’s Maleficent Pop! Vinyl Figures

  • Maleficent
  • Aurora

Hanna Barbara Pop! Vinyl Figures

  • Fred Flintstone
  • Barney Rubble
  • Frankenstein Jr.
  • Hong Kong Phooey

The Rocketeer and the Maleficent Pops are due in May. The Hanna Barbara Pops are due in June. Check out the images after the jump.

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Genetic Gao Gai Gar Head 002

Our friends at E2046 have sent along images for a new Genetic Gao Gai Gar “Head” – Pre-Painted Gathering Model Kit. Limited to just 30 pieces, the head stands at 25CM tall (just under 10″). It requires some minor assembly and includes the display base pictured. For the next 29 days, it’s on sale for $279.99. You can pre-order it Here.

Read on to check out the photos.