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Christian Brock of WuLongToys will be giving modeling demonstrations in Sketchup as well as be available to talk about and answer questions relating to Shapeways, 3D Printing, the Hasbro Partnership, and being an amateur/fan toy designer and what that means for other fans with great ideas. Representing Shapeways, Christian will have material samples and 3D prints on hand so that you can get an in person look at the products offered through Shapeways ranging from replacement, add-on and upgrade parts to action figure model kits and even full color statues. Shapeways is the leading 3D printing marketplace and community empowering designers to bring amazing products to life. By giving anyone the ability to quickly and affordably turn ideas from digital designs into real products, Shapeways is fundamentally changing how products are made and by whom.

Shapeways – Design, buy, and sell products with 3D Printing

When and Where Is The Next New Jersey Collectors Con?
Holiday Inn Cherry Hill – New Jersey
2175 West Marlton Pike (Rt. 70), Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Sunday, November 9th, 2014

lego super hero 2015

If you missed the fury of LEGO news that got leaked this week, don’t worry we have your back with a massive round up of LEGO 2015 Sets. Of special note are a few new themes that have been added to the LEGO 2015 line-up: Bionicle, Pirates, Jurassic World  and Elves. Many new details have been leaked about the upcoming LEGO DC Super Heroes line, but since the new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes line will be attached to Avengers Age of Ultron movie, and with that the potential for movie spoilers, the fist information we will see will come out of the LEGO Toy Fair 2015 Collectors Event. Check out a shortened list of out favorite LEGO 2015 lines below and make sure to click into the story to see the full list with a few images after the jump.

LEGO DC Super Heroes 2015

  • 76025 – Green Lantern vs. Sinestro
  • 76026 – Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas
  • 76027 – Black Manta Deep Sea Strike
  • 76028 – Darkseid Invasion
  • 76029 – Brainiac Attack

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

  • Avengers Age of Ultron No full sets details available at this time for the Rumored 5 sets.

Star Wars Rebels

  • 75078 – Imperial Troop Transport
  • 75082 – TIE Advanced Prototype
  • 75083 – AT-DP
  • 75084 – Wookie Gunship
  • 75090 – Ezra’s Speeder Bike

LEGO Pirates 2015

  • 70409 – Shipwreck Defense
  • 70410 – Soldiers’ Outpost
  • 70411 – Treasure Island
  • 70412 – Soldiers’ Fort
  • 70413 – The Brick Bounty

LEGO Elves 2015

  • 41071 – Aira’s Creative Workshop
  • 41072 – Naida’s Spa Secret
  • 41073 – Naida’s Adventure Ship
  • 41074 – Azari & The Magic Bakery
  • 41075 – Treetop Hideaway
  • 41076 – Farran & The Crystal Hollow

Check out the full list of known LEGO 2015 sets after the jump.

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assassins creed megabloks Gunboat Takeover

With the month coming to an end Mega Bloks has released images of it’s larger play sets for the upcoming Assassins Creed brick line. Four new set images have been shown since our last round up that include:

  • Gunboat TakeoverEdward Kenway boards a buildable pirate warship with real cables and canvas sails. Choose your allegiance by raising either the pirate or Spanish flag.
  • Pirate Crew Pack - An Assassin goes four-on-one against a battalion of heavily-armed pirates in a buildable cove. To the victor goes the spoils!
  • Fortress Attack - Ezio attacks a buildable Borgia Fortress with climbing poles, a Leap of Faith and a working cable lift.
  • Borgia Guard PackFight your way through an armed patrol of Borgia guards to access the buildable fast travel station.

All of the new Mega Bloks Assassins Creed sets are due for release in October!

Here’s the latest update from Toyark sponsor TheToySource.


Greetings Sourcefans!
This week we have new instock items like Warbotron – WB01-A – Air Burst, Fansproject – Lost Exo Realm – LER-01 Columpio and Drepan, Before & After Six Sigma – Red and Black Arm versions, S.H. Figuarts – Naruto, Robot Spirits Damashii – Gundam Virsago Chest Break, and a restock of the very popular Make Toys Green Giant! This week we have new preorders up for items like GCreation – Shuraking – SRK-01, S.H.MonsterArts – Mecha King Ghidorah
Figuarts Zero – Sailor Mars, S.H. Figuarts – Dragonball Z – Android 16, Fansproject – Lost Exo Realm – LER-02 Cubrar and Tekour, ToyWorld – TW-D01 Roar, and EX Gohkin Plus – Transformers Unicron Head! All this and more in this week’s SourceNews!

In this issue of SourceNews:
1. Now Instock – Warbotron – WB01-A Air Burst!
2. Now Available For Preorder – GCreation Shuraking SRK-01!
3. New Bandai Tamashii Preorders Up!
4. Now Instock – Robot Spirits Damashii – Gundam Virsago Chest Break!
5. Now Instock – S.H. Figuarts Naruto!
6. Instock and ready for purchase – Hiya Toys’ Planet of the Apes figures!
7. Now Instock – Fansproject – Lost Exo Realm – LER-01 Columpio and Drepan!
8. Now available for Preorder – Toyworld’s TW-D01 Roar!
9. TheToySource Restock – Make Toys Green Giant!
10. Up for Preorder: Fewture’s EX Gohkin Plus – Transformers Unicron Head!
11. Impossible Toys Clearance Sale!
12. 3rd Party Customs Update!

Jason Voorhees NES Replica Mask 2

NECA is expanding the reach of their Video Game themed products beyond action figures. Today they have revealed a Friday the 13th NES Glow-In-the-Dark Jason Voorhees Mask Replica. The mask is a full size, wearable, replica mask based on the 8-bit Friday the 13th Video Game for the NES. It will come packaged in an NES themed box, but pics of that have not yet been released. Look for the mask in November.

See the photos by reading on.

Street Fighter Juri Bishoujo Statue 001

Kotobukiya has full revealed their Street Fighter Juri Han Bishoujo Statue. This is our first look at the completed, fully painted, figure. During our coverage of the Kotobukiya booth at SDCC 2014, we only saw an unpainted prototype. Kotobukiya has scheduled the statue for an April 2015 release.

See the images after the jump.

Dawn of the Dead Figma Flyboy 002

The Good Smile Company has released some new photos for their upcoming Figma Dawn of the Dead Zombie Stephen “Flyboy” Andrews Figure. The new images showcase the finished figure, the packaging and some new uses for the effects pieces. It includes blood splatter effects, a gun, two Stephen heads and a Machete Zombie head.

After a horrific gun fight with a group of Bikers, Stephen is too injured to fully escape the teeth of a few zombies. The figure depicts Flyboy in all his zombie glory. It includes thee different heads, one of which portrays the iconic “Machete Zombie” that was killed by Tom Savini’s biker character “Blades“. It will also include a blood splatter effect, a pistol, a machete and a figure stand.

The Figma Dawn of the Dead Stephen “Flyboy” Andrews Figure is scheduled for release, in Japan, this week. Look for online retailers to get them in stock soon after. The price is 4,400 Yen plus tax (about $42 USD). Check out the new photos after the jump.


Superman Sixth Scale Figure 011

Sideshow has released a new video showcasing their upcoming DC Comics Superman Sixth Scale Figure. If you missed it, we took plenty of photos of Sideshow’s DC Comics Sixth Scale Figures at SDCC 2014. Superman features a poseable fabric cape, fabric outfit, interchangeable hands and interchangeable heads. You can pre-order the figure Here. The price is $199.99 with a release in January 2015. Check out the video below.

Gothitropolis Ravens Update 1

Four Horsemen have posted some great news for fans awaiting the Gothitropolis: Ravens. It looks like all the kinks have been ironed out and the figures should be leaving the factory in just under a month, with the Kickstarter backers receiving them after they arrive at 4H. That should take 6-8 weeks once shipped from the factory. They also plan to start offering Ravens pre-orders beginning September 15th at 3:00 PM EST.

Read on for the full update from the Horsemen.

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Predator Series 12 Figures Packaged

NECA has released a second packaging image. This photo gives us a look at their Predator Series 12 figures all carded and ready to go. Series 12 should be hitting stores very soon, as they are scheduled to be available before the end of the month. NECA promises a new look at the Viper Predator soon as well. Series 12 Includes:

Also hitting shelves soon the stand-alone Bad Blood Predator. Check out the preview pic after the jump.