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Gotham (the TV show) made it’s first appearance in collectible form at SDCC 2015 via two offerings from Diamond Select Toys. DST released 2 items, a Minimates set and a Select offering. The Minimates set featured Jim Gordon and child Bruce Wayne, representing their first meeting in the show the night Bruce’s parents were killed. The Gotham Select figure was a SDCC exclusive version of the Penguin, showing off what is to come in the 7 inch line later this year. We’ve done up a session with them both so check out over 30 shots and our thoughts after the break!

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Sideshow Emma Frost Statue 010

Check out some photos of the final production version of Sideshow‘s Emma Frost Premium Format Figure. The 1/4 scale statue stands at 20″ tall from top to base and weighs in at 11 LBS. The statue is scheduled to be released soon. Priced at $369.99, it features a stunning take on the White Queen. Here’s some additional info from Sideshow:

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the alluring Emma Frost ‘Hellfire Club’ Premium Format™ Figure. First introduced in Marvel’s acclaimed Dark Phoenix Saga storyline as the White Queen of the elite Hellfire Club, ice-cold Emma Frost began her career as one of the X-men’s hottest adversaries.

Unapologetic and uncompromising, the diamond-sharp diva rapidly ascended to the top of the corporate ladder on the strength of her intelligence, drive, and charm – as well as her powerful mutant abilities.
Beautifully sculpted in 1:4 scale, Emma Frost coolly assumes her position as the White Queen atop a Hellfire Club themed base, boasting supreme confidence and a quiet mystique. Clearly calculating her next move, Emma’s piercing blue eyes reveal even more than her scant attire. Dressed to the nines in her provocative all-white corset, thigh-high boots, and fur-trimmed cape, the drop dead gorgeous White Queen is not to be underestimated…

Read on for the new photos.

KidRobot Mega Man Capsule Series

KidRobot has updated with new info on their Mega Man Capsule Figures and Mega Man Figure Keychains. Starting on August 4th, you’ll be able to grab these online at KidRobot.com as well as in specialty stores. Here’s more info direct from KR:

Kidrobot and Capcom team up to bring the video game phenomenon Mega Man™ to vinyl by ‘botifying the highly evolved Robot Masters and the brilliant scientists that created them.

Kidrobot and Capcom launched the highly anticipated series at San Diego Comic Con, with two Con exclusives: Break Man 7” Medium Figure and a Mega Man Con Exclusive Colorway 7” Medium Figure. Following the popular SDCC releases, Mega Man and Proto Man 7” Medium Figures were made available in stores and online at Kidrobot.com.

We are excited to announce that the full Mega Man Capsule will be available in stores and online at Kidrobot.com on Tuesday, August 4th. This includes the mini series, keychains and previously released medium figures. The capsule will retail from $5.99-$49.99.

Check out a few photos by reading on.

Mezco Scorpion 19

Mezco‘s Mortal Kombat X line is out in the wild and we have been itching to get our hands on ’em. Yesterday we took at look at Sub-Zero and the line overall, today we are seeing what Scorpion is all about. Personally, I’m a Sub-Zero guy (from way back when MK 1 was in arcades). But, I do have to say, Scorpion takes the cake in this wave. He’s got a bit more movement than Sub-Zero since his waist twist is above the belt line. The swords and “Get Over Here” chains both allow for super kick ass poses. Removable face mask is a plus too. As we said yesterday, these figures are some of the best constructed in recent times, they just feel “right” in your hand. Coupled with awesome paint and sculpts, they are winners. Check out over 35 High Res shots of Scorpion after the break courtesy of Big Bad Toy Store!

Check back tomorrow as we round out Wave 1 with Raiden!

Big Bad Toy Store

BBTS – Get ’em while they’re hot: MK X Series 1 Set of 3, MKX Series 1 Set of 3 (Previews Exclusive Decos), MKX Series 2 Set of 3 (Quan Chi, Kotal Kahn, Kitana), MKX Sub Zero Ice Clone Exclusive, All Mezco Mortal Kombat.

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Metal Gear Solid V Ocelot Play Arts Kai 006

Square Enix has sent out photos and info for a new Play Arts Kai figure. Check out the first photos and info for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Revolver Ocelot Play Arts Kai Figure. The figure will include a number of accessories. Included are a swappable head, interchangeable hands, two different revolvers and a figure stand.

Ocelot is scheduled for a Japanese release in October. The figure is priced at 12,800 Yen (About $103 USD). Look for pre-orders to hit U.S. shops soon. You can check out the images after the jump.

NOES3 Retro Freddy Back Packaging

NECA has tweeted out a photo of the packaging for their upcoming A Nightmare On Elm St. 3: Dream Warriors – Freddy Krueger 8″ Retro Figure. The figure, inspired by the classic Mego figures, features a newly sculpted Chest of Souls piece, which shows the souls of Freddy’s victims. The figure is due for release in October.

Fantastic artist Jason Edmiston previously revealed the painting be used for the front of the packaging. We’ve added that to the post as well. Read on to check it out.

Bandai Star Wars Model Kit Sandtrooper 003

The latest 1/12 Scale Star Wars Articulated Model Kit coming from Bandai is a Sandtrooper. Like previous releases in the line, this figure will come unassembled, but will be pre-painted. Once put together, it becomes a fully articulated figure. You can alter the appearance of the figure as it includes an adjustable shoulder pad, which can be displayed with a white, black or orange overlay. Also included are three backpack variations and an assortment of swappable hands and weapons. Also included is a Tatooine desert themed figure base.

The Sandtrooper is scheduled for release on August 29th in Japan. It will be priced at 2,916 Yen (about $23 USD). You can check out a few photos by reading on.

Avengers Age of Ultron SH Figuarts Ultron 001

On display at Summer Wonder Festival 2015 by Bandai and Tamashii Nations was the Avengers: Age of Ultron – SH Figuarts Ultron Figure. We got our first good look at the figure a few days ago. Now, thanks to Nonsolohobby.org, we have a much better look at Ultron. The figure, based on Ultron’s final form in the movie, will also be joined by the likes of Hulk, Captain America, War Machine and the Hulkbuster armor.

You can see the new photos after the jump.

Toyark sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has sent out the newsletter for this week. Check out some select pre-orders below and the full update after the jump.


The brave and strong-willed Princess Leia is a beloved character in the original Star Wars trilogy. The Princess Leia 1:6th scale Collectible Figure from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope is specially crafted based on the image of Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in the film featuring a newly developed head sculpt, detailed hair sculpture of Princess Leia’s iconic hair style, specially tailored costume, two types of blasters, and a figure stand. $204.99
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope – 1/6 Princess Leia – Star Wars Hot Toys 12″ Hot Toys

Hiya Toys has just released the Colonial Marine counterparts to their popular Alien figures. The first two marines are Hicks and Hudson, each standing 3.75 inches tall and both come with a multitude of accessories and are listed for $24.99 each. We also have a 1/18 scale Power Loader that the Marines can ride in that is listed for $99.99.
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All hail the king! Godzilla’s ultimate rival joins the ranks of the hit S.H. MonsterArts series. Made to scale and towering above Godzilla at 9.8 inches, S.H. MonsterArts King Ghidorah boasts cutting-edge articulation technology and will reign supreme as one of the kings of all monster action figures. Superior articulation allows for re-enactment of flying pose without need for interchangeable parts. Expertly crafted by Yuji Sakai, each head and tail has been meticulously and individually sculpted. Deluxe figure set includes beam effect parts, as well as special stand and support arms for beam effect parts. $136.99
S.H. MonsterArts – King Ghidorah Special Color Version – Godzilla Figures

The iconic Kessler Werewolf from An American Werewolf in London is coming to your collection in highly detailed 1/4 scale. This statue features the open snarling mouth of the beast as it prowls down the stairway diorama base. $399.99
Kessler Wolf 1/4 Scale Statue – An American Werewolf in London Statues

Marvel’s latest entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ant-Man, has been well-received upon its debut in theaters! In this exciting film, our new hero, Scott Lang, has donned the Ant-Man suit and learned how ants can be his greatest allies. The carpenter ant that Scott has affectionately named Antony has become his trusted steed for flying to destinations. This special movie-accurate Ant-Man on Flying Ant Miniature Collectible is for all fans of the film! This collectible will be a fantastic piece to display on shelves or desks for any fans of Ant-Man! $39.99
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Big Bad Toy Store

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GITD Pathfinder Ghost Goblin Minimate 2

Diamond Select Toys sent along images and info for a Gen Con 2015 Exclusive Pathfinder Ghost Goblin Minimate. This 2″ tall mini figure glows in the dark and will sell for just $5. Here are the details on how to grab this figure:

Last year, Gen Con saw the launch of the Pathfinder Minimates line, with a series of exclusive mini-figure two-packs and a veritable horde of exclusive Goblins based on the popular role-playing game from Paizo. This year, the spectre of Pathfinder Minimates has risen again, with an all-new Goblin Minimate available for the first time at this year’s Gen Con in Indianapolis!

This year’s exclusive Pathfinder Minimate is the “Ghost Goblin,” a glow-in-the-dark goblin that will be available for sale for $5 at Scotty’s Brewhouse, Paizo’s official restaurant partner at Gen Con. It will be available from July 29 to August 2, and following the show any remaining stock will be made available on paizo.com.

Minimates mini-figures stand approximately 2 inches tall with 10-14 points of articulation, as well as fully interchangeable parts and accessories.

Check out Paizo.com for exclusive Pathfinder Minimates 2-packs, as well as some of last year’s promotional Goblins! And find out more about Minimates at Minimates.com!

Read on to check out the images.