Black Series Taun Han 24

The Black Series backlog is starting to unclog and the next wave of Deluxe figures are hitting, specifically Deluxe wave 2 Han Solo with Tauntaun! This is yet another classic look for Han after his Episode IV standard and Stormtrooper looks, this time from Empire in his Hoth gear. Oh yeah, he comes with a fully articulated Tauntaun as well. :). We’ve run him through the motions and did up 35 shots of him in action, check them out after the break courtesy of site sponsor Entertainment Earth!

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TMNT Stealth Edition Action Vinyls

For San Diego Comic-Con 2015, the crew over at The Loyal Subjects will have a new set of TMNT Exclusive. They have revealed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stealth Edition Action Vinyls. The four Turtles will come in a shadow themed paint scheme with bright colored bandanas. No word on how many are being produced or the price for the figures. We’ll update when more info is released.

Read on to see a few images.

Walking Dead TV Series 8 Updated

Thanks to @TWDNetherlands on Twitter, we have word on two more figures making their way to McFarlane’s Walking Dead TV Series 8. It looks like we’re getting a new Tyreese and Carol Peletier for the wave. Tyrese will come with his trusty hammer and what looks like a swappable arm piece (poor Tyrese). Carol is coming in her awesome Terminus attack attire, complete with muddy face and bloody poncho. Series 8 is stacking up this way right now:

  • Morgan Jones
  • Dale Horvath
  • Bob Stookey
  • Rick Grimes
  • Eugene Porter
  • Tyreese
  • Carol Peletier

All are scheduled for an October release. Rumor is that Tyreese and Carol are Walgreens Exclusives. We don’t have confirmation of that yet, but wanted to share that with you all. Read on to see the new 3D models and updated group shot.

American Werewolf in London Kessler Wolf Statue BTS

Over on their Instagram, Pop Culture Shock has shared a new behind-the-scenes image. The photo shows off the in-progress sculpting on their American Werewolf in London Kessler Wolf 1/4 Scale Statue. We got a preview for this statue last week, but the new image gives us a look at the full statue sculpt, which shows off the size the final Kessler Wolf Statue will have.

Read on to see the photo.

Kinetiquettes Street Fighter Battle of the Brothers Art

Kinetiquettes has revealed a new diorama concept. The Street Fighter “Battle of the Brothers” 1/6 Scale Dioramas will allow collectors to piece together select Street Fighter statue to create their own epic showdowns. It will feature the following possible match-ups:

  • Gouki vs Gouken
  • Gouki vs Ryu/Ken
  • Gouken vs Ryu/Ken
  • Ryu vs Ken

As you can see from the artwork, there are a number of different ways to pose these. Allowing for swappable pieces on the characters as well as the statue bases. It’s all still in the concept phase, so expect poses and style to change before it is sent to production.

Check out the concept art by reading on.

Revoltech Star Wars X Wing 009

Two new Revoltech Vehicles have been revealed by Kaiyodo. Thanks to Tag Hobby, we have some images to share. They have announced and revealed the first images for the following:

  • Back to the Future 2 – DeLorean
  • Star Wars – X-Wing

Details are being kept mostly under wraps right now. We have a bit of info on the X-Wing. We know that is scheduled for a release in August at a price of 5,500 Yen (about $45 USD). It will include a miniature Luke Skywalker and R2-D2.

Right now, we don’t have too much on the DeLorean other than it being a special offer for 2015. Still waiting on release date and pricing info. Previous Kaiyodo vehicles have measured in the 6″ to 8″ range, so expect both of these to come in around that size.

You can check out some photos by reading on.

Batman Arkham Asylum Premium Format Figure 001

Last month, Sideshow revealed their Batman: Arkham Asylum – Joker Premium Format Figure. In the photos, we got a glimpse of a new Batman Statue. Now Sideshow has officially and fully revealed their Batman Premium Format Figure to go with the Joker. The statue features Batman in his costume from the first Arkham video game. Batman includes a free flowing tailored cape, interchangeable hand with Batarang and a themed base. A Sideshow Exclusive version will include an additional hand holding three Batarangs.

Pre-orders kick off on May 7th. It is priced at $469.99. You can see a video and all the new images by reading on.

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Toyark Comicave Contest TA Featured

Last week The Toyark and Comicave Studios ran a contest giving away a copy of Play Imaginative’s War Machine Mark II quarter scale die cast figure. We needed a bit of time to get in contact with the winner but we squared it all up and let him know he’s officially won. And the winner is… Radd Roberson! He liked both our Facebook pages and was randomly picked. Congratulations! Comicave Studios will be sending out the figure in the near future.

Don’t forget to follow the Toyark on Facebook to keep up with daily toy news and Comicave Studios for all their awesome upcoming products.

tamashii mexico goku

Well, this is cool and rare – Bandai / Tamashii Nations will be producing a limited run of the S.H. Figuarts Son Goku (non Super Saiyan) figure for the Tamashii Mexico Exhibition. The figure will only be available at the show which takes place on June 6th and 7th in Juarez Mexico, more details will come on May 25th. It will be limited in numbers and not distributed nation (or world) wide after the show. The exclusive differences include the “Go” Kanji writing on the gi, and a new face expression. Cost is 650 MXN (about 43 bucks). Check out the pics after the break, and hit Tamashii-Mexico for full details (in Spanish).

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NECA Pacific Rims Series 6 Reactor Blast Gipsy Danger 003

The Pacific Rim Jaegers Series 6 are scheduled to hit stores next week. NECA has unleashed a bunch of new photos of the figures ahead of the release. They show off both Reactor Blast Gipsy Danger and Horizon Brave. Both 7″ scale figures will feature full articulation and will include themed accessories and features. Horizon Brave, a Mark-1 Jaeger, features spring loaded missiles.

Read on to see the new photos.